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Offline Collection Rahul Roy (Neu-Delhi) English 0000

When Four Friends Meet

When four friends meet they share their secrets with the camera: sex and girls; youthful dreams and failures; frustrations and triumphs. Bunty, Kamal, Sanjay and Sanju, best friends and residents of Jehangirpuri, a working class colony on the outskirts of Delhi, are young and trying to make their lives in an environment which is changing rapidly: girls seem to be very forthright, stable jobs are not easy to come by, sex is a mix of guilt and pleasure, families are claustrophobic and the blur of television the only sounding board. The video is part of the South Asian Masulinities Film Project.
  • Published: 0000
  • Publisher: Rahul Roy (Neu-Delhi)
  • Language: English
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