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1:30:23 Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI) German 2011

05 Semantic Web Technologien - Aussagenlogik und Prädikatenlogik

  • Published: 2011
  • Publisher: Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI)
  • Language: German
59:57 PGCon - PostgreSQL Conference for Users and Developers, Andrea Ross English 2015

Data Encoding Schemes

  • Published: 2015
  • Publisher: PGCon - PostgreSQL Conference for Users and Developers, Andrea Ross
  • Language: English
38:37 DEF CON English 2016

How to Build a Processor in 10 minutes or less

Continuing the series of hacker foundational skills,  YbfG jvyy nqqerff shaqnzragny fxvyyf gung rirel unpxre fubhyq xabj.  Whfg sbe sha jr jvyy nyfb tb sebz gur guerr onfvp ybtvp tngrf gb n shapgvbany cebprffbe juvyr enpvat n pybpx.  Qb lbh xabj ubj n cebprffbe ernyyl jbexf?  Jul qb lbh pner?  Pbzr svaq bhg.  Bu, naq pelcgb. Bio: Ryan "1o57" Clarke self-identifies as a hacker. Formerly a member of the Advanced Programs Group (APG) at Intel, he continues to do 'security stuff' for other companies and groups.  Professionally LosT's history includes working for various groups and companies, as well as for the University of Advancing Technology where he set up the robotics and embedded systems degree program.  He has consulted for the Department of Energy, Fortune 50 companies, and multiple domestic and international organizations.  For DEFCON he has created the Hardware Hacking Village, the LosT@Defcon Mystery Challenge, and conference badges, cryptography, and puzzles. As DEFCON’s official cryptographer and puzzle master, his activities have included aspects of network intrusion and security, social engineering, RED and BLUE team testing, mathematics, linguistics, physical security, and various other security and hacker related skillsets.  1o57's academic background and and interests include computational mathematics, linguistics, cryptography, electrical engineering, computer systems engineering and computer science-y stuff.
  • Published: 2016
  • Publisher: DEF CON
  • Language: English
45:51 Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation English 2018

6th HLF – Laureate Lectures: Algebra, Logic, Geometry: at the Foundation of the Computer Science

Sir C. Antony R. Hoare: "Algebra, Logic, Geometry at the Foundation of Computer Science" I show by examples how the Theory of Programming can be taught to first year CS undergraduates. The only prerequisite is their High School acquaintance with algebra, geometry and propositional calculus. The students’ motive is to learn how to construct and debugs their programs. I start with the familiar laws for disjunction in Boolean Algebra, illustrated by disjunction. A deductive rule for proof by cases is derived from the algebra. The algebra is extended by the operators of spatial and temporal logic: William of Occam’s ‘while’ (|) and ‘then’ (;). They satisfy the same familiar algebraic laws, including distribution through disjunction. A weak interchange law describes how they distribute through one another by ‘shuffling’. Proof rules are then derived for a modal logic of time and space. If this logic is applied to propositions about the behaviour of programs, the ‘while’ and ‘then’ operations can be reinterpreted as sequential and concurrent compositions of programs. The proof rules of the modal logic are then definitionally equivalent to two historic logics due to Hoare and Milner. They are now used widely for mechanical reasoning about correctness of programs and about implementations of programming languages. The opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the views of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation or any other person or associated institution involved in the making and distribution of the video.
  • Published: 2018
  • Publisher: Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation
  • Language: English
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