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26:53 IWF (Göttingen) English 1985

The Planar Double Pendulum

Computer experiments made it possible to describe the complex dynamics of this classical exemple in mechanics. To begin with, the various types of motion of the double pendulum are presented. With the help of the method of Poincaré sections, a qualitative survey of the complex dynamics follows, with special emphasis on irrational winding numbers (golden ratio).
  • Published: 1985
  • Publisher: IWF (Göttingen)
  • Language: English
26:34 IWF (Göttingen) German 1985

Das ebene Doppelpendel

Physikalisches (Realaufnahmen) und mathematisches (Computer-Simulationen) Doppelpendel; ausführliche Diskussion der Bewegungsformen (periodisch, quasi-periodisch, chaotisch) in Abhängigkeit von zahlreichen Ausgangssituationen bei verschiedenen Energieniveaus. Aufbau und Interpretation zugehöriger Poincaré-Schnitte. Darstellung des Zerfalls der "letzten KAM-Linie".
  • Published: 1985
  • Publisher: IWF (Göttingen)
  • Language: German
21:47 IWF (Göttingen) English 1990

Analysis of Chaotic Dynamics - 1. Spacemodel

Unbalanced rotors exhibit a characteristic mechanical oscillation. Using non-linear Duffing equations the dynamics are recreated in a computer model with springing and damping depending on the excitation amplitude. The curve is supplemented by synthesizer acoustics. Analysis using phase curve, trajectories, Poincaré sections, the 3D-Model of a strange attractor and Ueda-diagram.
  • Published: 1990
  • Publisher: IWF (Göttingen)
  • Language: English
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