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1:47:22 Stanford University English 2012

The Theoretical Minimum | Lecture 4

January 30, 2012 - In this course, world renowned physicist, Leonard Susskind, dives into the fundamentals of classical mechanics and quantum physics. He discovers the link between the two branches of physics and ultimately shows how quantum mechanics grew out of the classical structure. In this lecture, he continues his discussion on the vectors and operators that define the language of quantum physics.
  • Published: 2012
  • Publisher: Stanford University
  • Language: English
42:10 IWF (Göttingen) German 1991

Quantenmechanik im Aufbruch - Friedrich Hund berichtet aus seinem Leben, Göttingen 1988 - Gesprächspartner: Helmut Rechenberg

Student in Marburg and Göttingen: meetings with Debye, Courant, Nelson, Nohl, Born, Bohr, Sommerfeld, Heisenberg, Ehrenfest, Landé, Franck, Hilbert. First publications: "Ablenkung von freien langsamen Elektronen in Atomen" (Deflection of Free Slow Electrons in Atoms), "Die Gestalt mehratomiger polarer Molekeln. I" (The shape of Many-atom Polar Molecules): The "Göttinger Quantenmechanik" (Göttingen Quantum Mechanics) by Heisenberg, Born and Jordan. Postdoctoral university teaching qualification 1925: "Hund's Rule". The Schrödinger Equation 1926 as the key to understanding the molecule. Copenhagen 1926/27: Heisenberg's Uncertainty Relation. First meeting with Mulliken. Harvard University 1929: nomenclature of the molecule, Hund-Mulliken molecule theory. Professor in Leipzig 1929: theory of chemical bonding. Meeting with Bloch (metal conduction), Teller (molecule), and Peierls (crystal lattice electrons). Inspiration by Höpke, Weizsäcker, and Bonhoeffer. "Rote Hunde" (red dogs) textbook author. Postwar work at the universities of Jena, Frankfurt/Main, and Göttingen. Research on electrons in crystals. After being made Emeritus in 1964, contributions to the history of quantum theory and general physics.
  • Published: 1991
  • Publisher: IWF (Göttingen)
  • Language: German
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