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New trends in data analysis and visualization on the web


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Title New trends in data analysis and visualization on the web
Publisher European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
Release Date 2011
Language English

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Subject Area Physics
Abstract Emerging technologies are democratizing  the power of server clusters to perform data analysis. At the same time new tools and new ideas are coming to data visualization on the web. Together this is creating a revolution on the Internet where data is combined with other data and visualized in amazing new ways. And this is now mainstream. The role this revolution has on science and how it is communicated is now starting to become clearer with new trends like citizen science and crowd-sourcing. As a result, researchers are exploiting a new kind of computation power, human computation. In this seminar we will talk about the story behind some of these initiatives while presenting some new projects being developed by Vizzuality. From how to find new exoplanets, to understand climate change or doing better nature conservation, we will try to present you with as many ideas as possible so that you might find a way to use it on your field or engage the general public in your work. About the speakers Javier de la Torre is a recognized expert on Biodiversity Informatics and geospatial technologies applied to Biodiversity. He is co-founder of Vizzuality, a company working with top research institutes in the field of biodiversity and conservation. He is professor of Data analysis and Visualization at the Master on Global Environmental Change at IE University. Sergio Alvarez does research on data visualization, information design and interface design with a special focus on geo-information, map related visualizations and geospatial data interaction. He is co-founder of Vizzuality, and professor of Visualization at the Master on Global Environmental Change at IE University.


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