Opening Open Science Conference 2021 by Klaus Tochtermann

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Opening Open Science Conference 2021 by Klaus Tochtermann
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The Open Science Conference 2021 is the 8th international conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science. The annual conference is dedicated to the Open Science movement and provides a unique forum for researchers, librarians, practitioners, infrastructure providers, policy makers, and other important stakeholders to discuss the latest and future developments in Open Science.
yeah thank you very much david good morning everybody good morning dear participants colleagues and friends welcome to the open science conference 2021. those of you who attended the past open science conferences might agree that our conference series also serves as a monitor for the development of the open science movement and in preparation of this opening i identified four phases through which the open science movement has gone through the first phase at the early days was very much a bottom-up movement when scientists used and applied tools and technologies which originally were not designed and developed for the purpose of being applied in scientific environments the second phase and then was more related to science policy carlos moyetas the former ec commissioner for research and innovation he introduced 3os the open innovation the science policy platform in the netherlands this platform serves the purpose to coordinate all national um activities in the country and at the european level again we had um like bodies and expert groups around the european open science cloud which were mainly focusing on research data management and beyond that the european commission has initiated the open science policy platform and all these activities of the purpose to design a framework a policy framework which best supports the open science movement phase three since we started the conference series was very much about working practices the key question there was how do scientists apply open science tools in their daily working practices for research and publication processes and during that phase we were still within the science systems we didn't open up to address and connect to the society and this is phase four and this is also the topic of this year's conference this year we want to ask the question how does open science help overcome global crises and societal challenges so we now open up to the society and the objective of this year's conference is to find answers to questions such as how can open science practices cope with global crises like for example the corona pandemic how can we improve science communication to different target groups in the broad public the talks and the posters we have selected for this conference all try to contribute to answers to these questions but of course the conference theories cannot cover all aspects around the open science movement and there are other activities which are going on in addition to what we are addressing and let me briefly address these additional activities there are many activities going on to make open science the new normal for example many science organizations are developing policies to position themselves for open science my own institutions as the cbw has a policy which helps us to find our position for the open science movement the leibniz association which is one of the large extra university research organizations is about to kick off a new expert group to provide and develop a policy for open science for and with society additionally we have met we have many international policies for example we have recommendations from the unesco we even have a initiative referred to as the global open science cloud it was initiated in 2019 in beijing at a co-data conference and the objective of this initiative is to connect the regional activities we have around the world for example to connect the european open science cloud with the chinese science and technology cloud with the african science open science platform or the australian e-infrastructure so these are all the activities which are currently going on it's hyperactive that movement and there is one special thing which makes the open science movement really unique and this is its speed everything i have presented has taken place in the last five to seven years and if you compare this to the speed the traditional science system needed to establish itself we can really say open science develops at a super high speed and that's a good news i very much like that well these are my thoughts i wanted to share with you to kick off this year's conference i would like you please remain as committed as you are to advancing the open science movement i wish you all interesting and inspiring talks during the next three days enjoy the conference and thank you very much and now back to david