Building an interactive Continuous Integration platform for Open Source Firmware

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Building an interactive Continuous Integration platform for Open Source Firmware

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Building an interactive Continuous Integration platform for Open Source Firmware
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During that presentation I will run a quick demo of the OSFCI infrastructure which is developed by HPE to validate and build Open Source Firmware stack on Proliant server. I will introduce an overview at how the code works, and how to get involve, and make scale the platform. This project is available on github. OSFCI is an interactive testing platform for Open Source Firmware. From a single web browser, a firmware developer can recompile ROM at BMC and System level, load them to a real system, and execute an interactive session to validate firmware behavior on real hardware. The goal of this infrastructure is to provide end to end validation automation for firmware development, easing adoption for open source firmware at scale.
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it may be shy about to work for it to be the west and the bubbles of my talk with your dog breeding at the directive continues to rage that for probables family so this idea is that you but it doesn't accept it has a it has been accelerated during the past few months she's due to the twenty twenty penny.
the biggest an attack faced as a being a fair warranted years was to switch from where i got or the tools to designed for war and access to the all around for my or so by you work of art much to twenty twentieth's be the same as being a few so i did have had the office space as a whole i had to work from i.t.v.. the group. that the diet violent. i have no soul to spend my day with my wife which is that i make huge years and i have to respect our did he die forceful it was pretty tough for me just to bring home a white youths are rules which would be no easy because like a great starting on that of all day know just to stay aware of the space constraints require just to get this. mushrooms it's like the home was one hundred forty to be tough so i had this idea just try to figure out a as a foe stanford might be relevant just quite the way i'm working on a daily basis set of repeating what i was doing at the office space site my home and this is all i did exeter lady di the open source fear. were going to use it to create a program that i watched a couple of months ago. so the other key questions and hawk-eye forty to follow up to be able to fill out by else why working remotely at what would be to chat so i have identified a couple of challenge the first what was i want to get to my not anymore because i kept roughly the building is close to shut down so the mushrooms.
i'll talk to all and only a few people can't get there are these people all these to operate the systems as a if there were production russians so the key question i had to answer was hoc i applaud what your family your pocket i heard break it down because when you test a field where you would be facing software. most of the time when you get the books into a field while you you may be ending up. this is breaking commercial. that the haka i get calls for feedback so which means talk and i get access to a cellular cultural remotely it's pretty easy to walters but the real. the world well throw which is fun to use easy to use out of the b.b.c. staff having a show on television all the teaching all the government so i started to think about automation association and italy still trying to get everything until it dies ice much. i can but some stuff by be our audio board. i have identified a couple. as others on board just to upload remotely affair war and i decided to remove the flashy from the ball the ball and place of flash video will switch is that the property and one hundred that i can reprogram be able to afford another a computer code the way to reprogram destruction and on through us. the but it's ok's is your years be stacked is unarguable especially after. for set. talk at that address all of these things and talk and i care about of this giant. it could everything be dealt roughly for the web so. the next topic with to talk with being high have absorbed this question but i think that the boss whatever things to do now is to run a quick the one of the tool for the tories sam is widely available on the web you can't get access to its with the oyster sci tech website. you will be at requested to register to get access to a test called the main reason for that is that its users is getting a safety other occasions. the last four thought to be renewed for the proposal that the evil eye i started my season about ten minutes ago and i pleaded field where all the frankly readers so i said give you a quick overview you can specify that space or get a brief will form which you you are hosting an open be absolutely fork and you can log. to be out of that event beautifully suited to all you can't all be expected due to operate. and the fracturing it also you can do all record the data approved for fight or tweaking and bad news dry get a job to rebuild the fight off your body bridge that dr speaking to run said think that happened for the group told the rob flat and that you can talk all stars at the bottom bright side. not that you'd get access to the cult fall of the bnp and you can connect to it so it is currently running obviously i can't get access to read this is only an exam by are about to have a look to the process which already got this platform and what the bnp is up and running your cat connect to the bnp web council by clicking on that bottom. this is going to have been a new window where you get access to be up see why you can't that connect through the local all leaders boot or school told and that you can have a look to haul it is without aren't has been set up for the demands of control or your.
their boots or local products system and this is just going to talk to all the bright future ahead of the russian soul with that say that i've done everything remotely so i can top off the power right to predicting the power and this is just going to put back in grey all of these cultural.
and that i can and bicycle and this is just the basic covered i need to go just to get access to seoul. the hall is it working for the current system structures on various form a r us there is the fault and have called for an entire get a combined on everything is public access of all four through the us back our voice that's the idea agree to and you can you can provide for.
request or you can't fault that project and at that it to your all the odd were so it's not the bt to h.p. although i think these principles could be reuse or baby all their alder. for the front and the front that is the single note which is connected to the target culture although that is used to control the target which is the platform of which were going to run the uprights austria where infrastructure and to combine our that is used to combat a few more so when we look at the front out everything is mostly reuniting go at this is hurting.
the a.p.i. course through h.t.t.p. request. managing the color t.b.i. the hoard it faster there is to make topix of the front and we try running record he saw the user accounts aren't all the front as well as the whole credit for access to the platform the storage back and is also on the front door for each user or your cat cervical. of that ikea madras password or this kind of things but also a copy of the obvious the field where which is going to be loaded. the fashion retail. a quarter of all they have such a source of reading go there are still some currently the community's working at hawick these bakri to grow why is there bash critics are maybe because i had to write the proof of concept during a pandemic. by far the goal was not the real the sea ice was to use the c.b.i. and that's also why some stuff has been reading a very quick and dirty boat to go to go up he could have a huge loss is not a half ago. so the and the streets of improvement were working out these right now so that is why there is not that many new features which is rich are credited to go down the application saw the art are starting to feel while abroad so if you stick it out about managing the two he had one hundred critically to a target. and it's also managing the power cut for fall for the tie up there is a specific features article toronto's which is a which might be an extremely relevant for sure whether proper so when you are developing feel they are breeding of the fia want to screw but being able to be too good a product. system of the horse to use on the main target. i'm one of the proposal to see i was also a vast parking system deployment as well as the products to stem features so those that do bad for patients are properly set up does the ghettoisation is properly set of saudi was aware that we have to be sure about that is just around. arrival products just saw the equatorial dog there is a specific us be. so this you is being able to be shared between to host and there is a u.s.b. stick and that u.s.b. stick is used to deploy and will call operatic systemic starter so while the tank at the start of the primary hostess the controller. before the court or how we can upload your between star read at the star a ticket of its star other thirty two are good u.s.b. stick when the tiger know the start out that u.s.b. stick you switch to the target the road at this is becoming that your host for the u.s.b. stick so it's pretty it isn't pretty useful saw the. so i get countries that yet three sixty data and that's still the wildlife that's what that we bought reduce your eye but while working at too boring yet three twenty five that the process so it does require ourselves light modification from our perspective so we had to replace that she explained as week which is the antique that is running. the idle for were in normal conditions better result of why well doing that is because the target is exposed to the internet that this is a grey are using a city could offer last twenty years system security on it to be bad for and what we have decided for expose developer of systems. that we are using different fused as six just to be sure that production systems. compromised by a potential repercussions were so what if i be absolute fashioned the rob facto there we remove them and replace them by a spy best hitters which are not available as a start a future assault on all the bold and this is where we are going to keep the friendly creators and we put our local. this is the art the target just have to be able to deploy and of products system but it up later on. of the targets critic to two and i.t.v. you fall report for work and four through the court on this site view is raw free media star. video from which there is an i.v. connectivity where we can talk of art. products. the combination of our relies on doctors all there is a specific goal by don't know which is equipped with a lot of course it's about one hundred twenty eight course currently out of every the make horrified because a lot of every is that we are doing it but every company so we do the process. the been going through a physical or a storage or ship so the very reason for that is that community process is there for my core so which means that we to stall the output of the computer so we'll just storing the final stage of the company and we just did. for what single copy of that so if they're comfortable it fails we restart the competition that. and yet there is a local store at a component old which is used to catch the open be a preview so but be absolutely don't think it's just a very important just to do that because of horror but be absolutely out can last for all of you rather the big shots because that's a huge depicts distro. the only one way to reduce that computer time he is just a user. the company is driven through an a.p.i. really grow to full. it does to portfolio but we have seen the dish but if you want to extend that to anything else week we can't do it and you will have to submit to a request to our good a repository for what could be next so we have we have a call to use it to the platform which works it directly followed so we are working right now the couple. i need to face which read at a loss to integrate the see eye to a facebook outlets for america's that example just to give up forty or to the tax tasting. and at that that is the main target and whether this work will be doubts all all the stream would be to attack attack that c.i. with the upstream very poor phoenix brutal but beauty which means that if that case there would be a g.o.p. request to these people will buy be able to kick off a brilliant of. the field where the resulting february major and they thought their lives are the one which is the old the wild where we can prove that the sport request is not going to break everything of the system. and we think it's about important just to do it that way because it is very easy to break something into a field now without realizing that you're broke something to so she want to participate to the for just a free to join the community are good you get back out ourselves the eye or read me through e-mails so you get you out. i saw the site so this is it for my history. of today and so let's start the cuban a few have any questions are fit for to start i see that right now thank you very much for your time i hope you enjoy that just that press.