NixOS on Chromebooks

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NixOS on Chromebooks
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hello everyone I'm I'm Linus this is my Chromebook I got Nick's OS running on it a while
ago and what's nice about it is it's
it's an ARM based device which means that it uses a lot less battery than
into our best devices also it's cool because it's not Intel and yeah so if I can show what it looks like I'm not sure it'll automatically does anyone know if slim automatically turns on external displays okay I'll need to fiddle with R and R then but right there we go so this is actually that font a bit smaller yeah so as you can see it's 64-bit and it runs next to us quite quite well so if I want to play nethack I can just use next Shell and thankfully almost
everything is in the cache thanks to well thanks to Graham and and no thanks to this the internet connection here yeah so it's pretty it's
pretty nice I can I don't I don't need
to know don't need to fiddle around as much with with building stuff for hours on end like I did with my premium previous Chromebook which was 32-bit arm and I'm very happy with it so if if anyone's interested in trying something fairly different in terms of hardware I can absolutely recommend getting a Chromebook and trying to get an exhaust running on it there you go [Applause]