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Satellite Open Ground Station Network
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An introduction to SatNOGS an open source ground station, optimized for modularity, built from readily available and affordable tools and resources.
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15 minutes to hear the Sutherland while it overpasses your publication and in order to listen to a
satellites so we use ground stations so as you can see that the the picture we know this is a big and scary 1 it's from all European states 1 from European Space Agency but now station can be done to you on the whole these ground stations and those that use come operators
and it's a a ground station is basically an antenna mounted all antennas mounted the mounted on top of annotator and the teacher can help us move the antennas and a point you are and position in the sky and tracker dogs it and those who listen to the space the frequency that these object transmit signals as you can see that in the picture of ground stations can be super expensive and also they might be heavily regulated in some cases so in order to tackle the problem that we're facing is that we initially wanted to have a open source of reference design that is going to be cheap enough instead use materials that anyone can source and are
practically we wanted to anyone with some basic knowledge to be able to see the ground station but that is the 1st part of that we need to solve all of the most interesting part for us is that of due to the sort of a passing window that you have to communicate with satellites but keep their communication cannot be asynchronous you have to be tested basing and that's what we also want to tackle the global coverage so the idea is to create a network would somebody right
and the initial design looks something like this in the chat we wanted everyone of are interested in southern led to be able to have access to a global 1 as network that can have of observation tasks are anyone with that kind of Marxist to tell which of satellite what you want to try and using our our network we you know it it is a she's able to sense tasks to ground stations distributed around the world and then listen southern lights and then the data did post but the net so anyone can reach when we came up with the initial architecture we found that there was no unified way to do this so we decided to do everything from scratch about this sound difficult so we want this to be as much energy can of so we can use existing components and existing technology to solve the initial problem so let's dive into the stack 1st comes time as
you can see the picture this is our of the iteration of our design practically data is a mechanical device that enables antennas
and and the needs of that is to move on as a movement of the 2 dimensions and this is our last design and we wanted this to be so easily I asked build so we want this to be 3D-printed so when a space with protecting tools but could be this and we also want this to be cheap so everyone can have access to it and on top of that we didn't want to to create something that has always specs that what are the data's have in the market so our data of are designed that was initially to be as reliable as the rest of the period in the market here's the picture of our previous version is free to of
NOx this is the deployment that we yeah we have in hyperspace nonsense it's mounted with him to go units of and then and I we have already been using that for some time for the receiving part we're using everyone's favorite DVB-T on the obverse of solution because some instabilities so we
you specifically we have some problems with the PPM error so we decided to go with a more than once as you can find the margin and so with the bad that most letters you can have more stable product a ground station can be permanent potable and
we have this sense of mostly 1 of both permanent opposable implements so will we provide designs for a tripod of sewing and 1 can have a portable design but for those that want the amount of payments account we also have designs for a dome is optional but is a very useful in some cases with extreme weather conditions but so this set the most
critical part of the Centre are part of our design and is the network the only the network is where all the data get covered and when but someone wants to track a satellite feed just has access to it and then submit our division job which gives populated to the distribution program stations we want this to be as open as possible because
of we strongly open data and the 1 of our observations to be accessible by anyone who wants to experiment so or our use it for any other process but so here is the shoes of the speakers from on
our or network J. consist of observations already submitted and we're about to move on to do a new observation we select a satellite for this case find humor and we also select so she will want to listen to and also we want to we also define the start and end of the observation time kay conceal confined units and then we tell them that will give us the observation of the distances evasions in a network if that doesn't work we can change the the time frame and fine-tuned once again and then if that fits of I know we changed the division but his so even if we have to ask Edsger for that ground stations we need some software to run on the ground station site this is Saturn's clients of we built in you to try facilitate we the
needs of the computer needs of the of the ground station so when other division gets schedule of ground stations by the network and get the jobs that are assigned to each 1 and when the time comes in the this the client shows the ground station tracking and also also move their Tate and choose the radio for specific frequency angle to calculate Doblas saved and for the time
frame that this gives you last night so reckless whether those satellites of and also when the division ends in science sensed by cultivated the network 7 Flinders is built using Python are
basically the team that started this project was of called for the with language and those who was a good faith so every well everything is based on Python and we're trying to use existing protocols because we live in 2 of the abilities that the sign for what we're doing so what we're doing at this point using what control and we control growth Control is a protocol that
enables us to conclude that connect with the potato and send commands in order to move it and we control is the particle that help us to connect with medial and change the frequency which is really useful for the procedures of regulations and also we do you want to build
from software that does the software-defined ready from that solely because it was practically impossible so we where we use existing software as such is ideal is the and welcome on and we also use of old for the encoding and design was initially billed the node not just to facilitate our needs but also use the client with other detectors and other deployments that out there so
we wanted this to be as much as it can be an as in the room music it could be because we believe that there are many systems of they're that they're not that that under used in the in the I for a long time so a lot of this in the network as well an interesting issue that we encountered
was that there was no so as to get to see where they come and bite receiving data I mean no information about the source at the light frequency and modulation and Baldridge and a description of how the signal of the how the satellite transmit signals so we decided to some community health and we built so that the the suddenly beak as a as I the letters of a database that obligates information about
of facilitator and has a more formal way to to presented it's been on double down below and we
provide the public API for that no article manner because we believe that the state does he are useful for other people and the product were so through the public API anyone can can get to set the latency but they don't and the the reason that we believe that this was useful is that many community members were already got it and
we're already gathering that kind of data mining blogs sending with pages but there was no way to have essential a API your representation in order to get a of more problematical this kind of data so the reason that this was really help from the
community and we believe that this is successful because many people have already submitted the information in in these broader already be used by other I said let users so over any other OS that looks
like this you can see in the right we have different combinations of antennas are for example you can use that units as says in Jaguar telecom and whatever you actually want abruptly and you can mounted on top of Saturn looks a reference design but we make it we make it easy for everyone to use their pages as well so anyone with the Commissioner of data that supports a broad look the prodigal that we're using can use their aggregator another network
sold on the ground stations side you can use any embedded device you on and run the software like a drawing of a Cuban black and we we we we have made it this way that whenever the 2 for anyone to use what ever to devise they have in order to use the ground station and on the of that we have a software that we've built set client which is the part that moves the zeta and choose the frequency but there are many co commission so where there that we as a community a community bone of necessarily support but you can use it and they're also they're often sort of the alternatives like to predict insecure
x from that you can use of should Davidic is the equivalent of the rotator movement and intrigues the power of a software that connects to the radio finally you can either use the ground station like stand-alone offline by you can be part of the global network and the reach and use it through the global management but I would say that we have or and returned the back but you can also use it offline I was everyone
understands that this is really complicated for a small to beat so this will be possible to achieve without the hopeful community she can see some pictures of ground stations being built around the world we have already for our already building a connected to the network and
we are at the moment we have information that people are building it and send this find the kind of pictures souls who mingling with the open space enthusiasts all around the world it was clear that just satellite communication is not enough to advance open-source ideals so we decided to create the MySpace foundation labor space Foundation is a non-profit
initiative that we are aiming to advance in the rental opens space projects of through that of for this foundation we already have some satellite specific the open to projects in the works we you want more
people to contribute to it and we want to reach out to more sub-lattices years so we can collaborate on other projects we invite had some huge Muslims by now we have a
working girl are the data in the network works and pretty much all the studies in the working the state and we have some extends our so far we want is we want you are add more ground stations in our network we want to extend the coverage that we have been in want of more people to be able to use the potatoes and accept of receiving the uracil planning to have transmitting capabilities and lastly we want to
increase interoperability with existing systems we know that there are many imitators and many SecOps out there that they're like academic of projects and in the 19 states so we want them to you too user to use our network and we use all of the available equipment so we need you are all
this budget not be possible without volunteers like us so we're still looking for more people join the projects stuck issues and we are looking for contributed from different backgrounds so we need mechanical engineers and electrical engineers and our if
experts and promptly anyone with an interest in space can reach out to our sense of see there's something interesting to be thank you you can check south
talk for more info and you can also reach out to us in the space let's when we have our our 7 deployment's alliance and for more information you can check of the community forum where the discussion going on and I did have babies where all the projects are there and the recommended and for the deployment you can see this you can go to this year euro net looked at 7 of the thoughts and use a network
thank you questions that while won't think other questions please come to the 2 microphones other versions then I don't get it now please come to the right of at no pleased to the microphone of the microphone distributed and because it is recorded and the microphone has a cable the the microphone audio guide engine testing following and I was just wondering what's the average cost of the moment right now it's something like 500 the 305 hundred of years depending on which liquid when you have available thanks next these high I as I just didn't understand the model off the flow of information so do you request that the user so that other ground stations may track satellite reduced me to let you just collected in Iran YOU albeit here is that the 1 uses 2 defined with time window they want to observe a satellite and then use the ground stations available in other words that are connected to the network in order to skills without and return they back to the users that connection lost some use cases is the I know that there are winners of the life of stuff so the interesting part you use cases yet so 1st of all there is the thing you should need to communicate with the satellites there there are many homages satellites then it's also people their logs in huge sets and communicating satellites right now is super expensive and we wanted this to be available in an open way yeah I I know what what kind of data we can expect in that kind of communication he
was the purpose of course from pure whether the satellites you yes OK so that basically are of 2 main categories are status beacons when you actually get the Sutherland Center's and also you can get back the data from an experiment say so
you have so you need a way to run an experiment on a satellite and then you need a way to get that the so the supplicant transmit the results of it and you can receive it on with using sup other locations so what's the also so relentless and what kind of signals or what kind of data do get that is that that motivate staff hours so it and what kind of data what kind of samples you get you get a ride to and but how how all prior prophesy stuff that yes so right the getting a you could be a really big for the family that we have no intention of network so what we provide is either in what replies right is right now we're all in providing of output like sound and we are also aiming to be able to be modulates stuff on the ground state inside so it's going to be something like a binary and yeah you audio but there's site I'm not I'm I'm Morozova defined by the ISO all you want but that's all you imply you because there's our of wave coming in and out all you ladies so the question and you don't
perceive all you receive RF so what kind of modulation is that no I was actually it's only if it because with vision if and then that's it goes to Lars OK that explains the OCR encoded pocket on so there's no chance to get the wrong signal that you receive right but right now the onset thanks so analysis is curious grainy to come to the microphone what can you say something about the lifetime of the satellites currently and secondly was taking who is in charge of the coordination of like orbital control and coordination with commercial stuff up there I think your question could you please repeat it the the lifetime what's the lifetime of this a blood so far and secondly was coordinating with others lots of them font so of the first one and that she was a Lax analyst at like but I beg now
we are trying to go out to get in touch with the said let it is yes another to define some standards on how to cooperate with the with the rest of the those interested so this is not something for right now we're trying we're trying to reach out to other people interested I'm sure we get the question right FIL like what's what's the hour use of like how long can they operate basically you know a chunk of something and and that she was that it was in the timeline thing that I because of the image depends on the experiment well the 2nd question was about the coordination of the the orbital control and but how how users handled was a commercial satellite and I have no idea what commercials that lets of the plumbing they used to be the same phase basically that's what trying to build up a measure it is mentioned that we can discuss it doesn't show was the other motivations OK thank you very much given the warm applause for this that


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