Ruby Conference 2016 - Opening Keynote

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Ruby Conference 2016 - Opening Keynote
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maybe you feel sick of my is. but i always feel sometimes up conflicting feelings at my earth. i was so happy to see your face smiling in the very excited and excited enough to trouble all the way to cincinnati. at the same time. as a programmer. as that he did speak before people. but what something happen soul can help you. let me. i. kaine nineteen ninety three he said. i thought of printing i started dripping would be just fall on. so i. i was only a no language gig i just love programming languages so i look pretty old the printing language i like the list i like small talk i like see i like pasta call i like's r.c. plus boss and within one piece be at the back then. so i created we just for farm but it was my pet project than something happen. seoul back then the ruby uses won me. so then on ninety ninety five i put it in on the internet. so far. for me and my expectation i put up the melanie soon as i released out really the first question but version zero point nine ninety five and then i soon as i formed the mailing list so people would join to the meringue list and at them. in a week or two we get two hundred members. so the that's as fabio my expectation soap not the out there as cons of programming language of their sole also than obsess toy yet actually backing ninety five so he was a toy soul. in all the most of the problem a land is out there a toy languages gradually disappear in the history of the internet. just because you know people get sick of seeing your program is so i was my expectation so yeah there's farm to create programming language design firm in languages and i if i guess i enjoyed. the implementing a programming language that the that i was. it's as for me sold up a. just put it on the internet out of craziness in all the copying the software on the internet is free so i got a lot i learned a lot from free software so i resumed other source called of the max i logged off from reading stuff resort where saw stalled. so i guess it up but my my software but the internet just a return. but something something happened to people fond would be on the internet and actually do love their. kind of funny though and then dave find ruby they love the you do be they use ruby and they even to wall a book on really. so your two thousand and the big bucks books without does the famous date tomas from ruby and he loved it he even wrote a book on it. does fabio my expectation so that was sold on all to twenty thousand copies. and then so maybe i s in may be hard for the people who bought the peak at this is really may be sold out dot estimated to use the back then to have two thousand is ten thousand. then next year. i got a force really calm here in the states. in tampa florida our attendees thirty something that. it is quite small this was that considering the best side of the conference. the conference does speak is so amazing. i thought this year. recovery is insanity. he was i don't know how many many. thousand. some fifty the move is more about the last year a good total number of that right now i have no way to estimate the number but that few years ago olds they got now say it's ok we will howl of the million would be using in something some year. years sold i assume very lawfully we have won many i'm really uses of their all over the world solo the he uses in cleese won two one million that's quite number. so we have far bigger community. so all i think helps us community is kind of weird thing so what exactly is a community so. community is not their organization. so it's a kind of group of people but with how we don't we have some kind members sit in the community. so once. you feel ok i feel i'm a member of they were the community so you became a member we would be community we have no initiation we have no interest feel anything like that you just as we are just a group of commune our people. and that we're no exclusive so ok you're on the member all the really community you cannot use any other programming languages. you know. yet we don't have that can rule full we a non-exclusive sold in as a result we cannot expect the strong loyalty to the community members soul ok i feel. i'm a member of the really community today and the mayberry maybe i'm a member of the rebekah me i'm ok i'm a member all say go community to moral maybe or maybe i'm really i never really community and at the same time i'm a member. of their peers the community. so an a if you feel bore in india were the community you just read so we need to attract community to survive. otherwise committee members will go away so we venture he disappeared in the history of the internet ok we had up once upon a time we had the longest and ruby but there we don't use anymore.
so we were eventually fade away. so although i have conceded i assume that up or as the committee is like a shark so we have to keep swimming. when we die. i'm soul death. to get that that technology community so i'm sick of boston come com planes like that really is dead. just because rubies gems have less guitarist all only get called or maybe because really doesn't have studied thought of paying because really is no longer shiny languages. and because he cannot stay shiny for long. and there would be has more than twenty years of history and even rails has more than ten years of history. and it more history and we have more burden. so we have to do something to survive. make the grade now. so we do. rebuilding the language is so other body language did see a similar things like that we that is the community he was so i dug version named peachy six what happened. no soul. they tried to create a day that ph d. in the name on in the name of the p.c. six but they failed they tried to drastic and it they couldn't make it. so the p.s.p. six disappears in the history and that they tried again the pastry seven and it worked well. it must rest for what happened. no it so day created they tried to create the bay that a ekman screen so they tried a lot of they joined hot and the day created they try to create great it must have been fall but. they couldn't make it. they we tried. if they try to recreate it must wait for and they failed again. then he day just gave up diversion it must be frozen fall and that it doesn't mean the failure of the java script but the only one version only the fade you all do what they be approached the starting from scratch. so that's not good we have the other examples they approached for six which last year we finally have paid for six wall but it took fifteen years to design and implement the first six. i think three. yet they are moving to a problem three. i know we have we had no we are no exception we had similar things we had and now we will not really plays out the words a machine and that we have many things including and courting support but that a lot. instead we got its shoes company the gap between one eight and one nine saul it took more than six he is to migrate from the were you on the a to b. one nine. sold up those incredible chance calls so are we got at you and nine we got slightly better would be and the weakest faster with the foster down a one nine was far fast the there will be one day. but migration took six process years. seoul during those time sold the week or a core members to improve the early one nine and they leave one eight behind because it it's all but the people kit kept using what one gate soul noma. how hard we worked on one nine people still using one gate display. so we had more than six years of the slow progress in the community this so bad. i want that. so i learned a lesson. which isn't just the makeup lang is better. it's not enough. there is not the first as long as out there is not the most powerful language. we used to be because would be as good enough for most of the case for for our daily use to to create web application or four way about mean was something like that and we used to be because really is comfortable to use. so we used to be because really is nice. soul and we love. i hope we love she you really is human centered design. so really is nice so we're nice. rees salaam. i love being nice could bring power. the nice so the being given compatibility is one of them. so can but it is very important for us not because we're conserved air. or not because we are afraid of changes but because it makes us progress. their think about the one eight the air are so we make we try to make progress in the community. but people keep using the old version. but if we could get we could keep compatibility soul people to use new aversion and the whole community can progress for with us. so without compatibility community keep using old versions the dumper says. beauty of the software is well as a language design and i want my programming language better i want my programming language beauty not being beauty and that i want make out. programming languages the bed and there and that cop out old designing the oak all maybe i feel some time in the design so i want to cop out old failures in the designing yeah that's my my desire but. that it's a kind of service trop of design us. this doesn't up so. build a language subsides me designer but that sometimes the changing the incredible change to make lang is better at woods. green you bring uses pain. this kind of selfish so that people tend to look toward myself too much so consider users talk with potential uses like this it.
and that make a gradual changes.
design without a with constraint so the keeping company l.t.a. is kind of designing designing with constrained what may be kind like a speech on. under the cost of the playing the video game with their on the very strong constrained so difficult for the challenging. so it and it we can bring benefit to the uses of. being nice include up the bring benefit to use this for example were about my we we made some kind of the incredible change for some reasons but that it says it because it was slightly shorter migration time compared to the other programming languages say. a yeah. i don't them that i was. but that it performs very well it would be one i rounds several times faster than would be one gate does because of the we have better i.v. we had a very bitter v.m. sold they know i. i don't consider myself as a super super programmer i'm a language design but that you know the whole the hobbyist its old version machine printer soul be the victim was a messy we are following the one nine was four. a better than the my view is over isn't it runs several times now fifty times maximum fos the don't the old frozen so it's because of that kind of benefit soul we have does slightly shorter migration time but even with. the several times faster performance boost so it would take years so the keeping calm possibility is very very important. so good design example concurrency so we had threats him really actually i regret it. everyone loves lads right. i had threats. so in the very early stage of a redevelopment i. thought this reading is it a good idea to. but we had some what we had some are false assumption back then we have we we had only won core when the computer so we don't care about the performance we just couldn't i just considers. about the soul. program although the concurrent congress the pre-modern so some up some software. could be implemented the cleanly using some kind of concurrency model so i introduced the thread job only for that purpose not for the performance boost so by that reason sold the really want eight euros in the use of green said. no no natives that everyone i in our you started to use our the native friends but we had thus we had gill the global interpreter walk the streets a very easy us with other easiest way for concurrency. so that is the reason i introduced the dressing room be. n. but that to you to a small the corals. it's who i mean the reopen going to see a politician is quite hard. of the problem and is sold dot there really is reading doesn't use multi-course we have the global interpret a lock and it was improbable problem the past just because we had only won core for computer. but at it it wasn't a problem in the past but as that right now we have multi-course in the computer soul most read the real saving you read the can easily cost problem that deadlocks. boris conditions soul if you are see program and it is quite easy to remove go from release see resource called but i'm sure your spreading program where crotch very very easily. so this year's states. sole cause very. hot known deterministic bogs very easily so for that reason i read it out in spreads. but the to keep them possibility i just cannot remove stress from the language right.
so i don't think we can remove it. they want. we're moving gale no recross your program. the new obstruction probably yes. last year in this keynote in a really call last year i talk about the stream a model i was experimenting for with three. i give it up. the. the serious consideration that doesn't anymore he was too restrictive. so this year. we present a new model. killed. and that we have a session of that talk talk about the odd the guild the news conference the model and it was immoral years. guede the let me briefly into it is it. yeah gill rhymes with you. it's about the its. a member state motto. our every object belongs that the guild no mall object on our shared between deals. you can transfer object between gales so you can only transfer soul won the object belongs to one deals at the time. his girls around and independence read sold up that every are guild run in apollo lot running poel with a deal so gives up the existing were the world so in his heart of the deals you can run thread. it's. you can't have everything into this reds so dot is introducing the real concurrency powerless them into the language has been keeping compatibility. seoul coy she yet to come up with a good idea and the name who have a session bought its moral soul ask him in the tip for the deal k. example to the study dollars this. bob got in this the cade the study have to realize a very popular. types create flow goals with an aunt. and then the former to is that are being studied tides to java script the dynamic types of programming language. and the python and peace fia type of acknowledgments. so expensive that equation is pretty popular among what they are in prison they present time. so all we have the benefit of subject type time the study by blindness so only other the action the basic coverage and them or documentation soul. so we have this argument this argument argument that each argument has this type of dark side. all but our this kind of the explicit a study by the study tide has some kind of the draw a box so we have more cool just because we had a coalition to the language. sold on less flexible. so in all by adding that the type equation we often use them out that benefit of dr writing. sold out some programming languages something that the programming language addressing these drawbacks. for fall by adding type in france is so that you cannot you don't have to add the collision your program. or maybe the structure typing to keep the dock typing are the kind of its kind of similar to dock typing sold out everyone knows that that been right no doubt that is this it. no this is fighting back. it. notice this is typing with duck. yeah maybe this is the exciting such aid it was like back talk like a back we assume it is like. so we don't care about the taliban us who we don't care about structure we just care about how it behaves so we can even though his id tale. so we asked computers and dispatch things are just work dust that fighting so in that sense this is a back. because it was like back. this is that back to.
because it costs like a duck. so that the phrasing goal is kind of snow to dock typing they got like this so we need to fly law the is the interface so every object dot coms without method was right.
works with his dog function log you can put the log output to any object that has the right message so you know how i like java so the class does not have to imprint men the interface before. one of the declaration time but that every class every object that comes with the right method. would work for log blog function so this is kind of doctor writing. this is called the structure of fighting. and then having started typing when he was typing forensic soul dot enables study really tight study of piping without the collision. like crystal. you know the crystalline was right. yeah christo is up. the violation some reveal like language in which is which comes with up. study by the typing forest and compiled to the binali using of the m there's quite a nice lingus. and we're going to want state for the know the correlation at all. everything in interest. but at why no the collision. because it's against dry. don't repeat yourself soul it is the principal to avoid redundancy. so i want to have evolved dry soul i tried to dry extreme we so if you can ride a week's cute a problem without something just remove it. so i'll program our current with the program ron without any type the correlation so we just half a half to remove them. so really a preemie one with the type and patients so we don't need them so we need to remove them. the odd this kind of pakistan the structure typing porcine friends and i know all know that the coalition so i made docking forensic. the auditors almost a quarter structure typing with seen francis like o'connell. the docking for us is the type system defined by behaving year so behaviors that the methods and our human behaviors and in for tied to not have nhanes you have to worry about the names of a vague idea in your brain can remain day so the naming things is the hardest thing. it's one of the most difficult problem. so you can retrieve a hive of an expression. so by and i'm now rising your cold so the computers or compilers can read your mind. read a dime that i understand the expectation to this expedition what is odd. so yes you can take compatibility between types you can check if a pipe has a method. so the that the inference that conduct in france without any type the collision is not perfect. gonchar one hundred percent coverage but eighty percent complete happens to be the father of on general wasn't right now. they can reason for about the dynamic typing right now. so in addition we were some kind of ad hoc type information like a fine type euros from conviction and they got that is the dog days to lug function house to method which is which we s. in the different docks and in one doubts has a wide miss the and india. the aisle. other dock can be anything but the. the the other back to be is the argument of right and override method in the in the appropriation takes us trains as an argument sold out that be which is the type of the height of the all the message should be should behave like a three. although if the the viable a takes methods dissolves lies and not but that the company look up in this application this is no class how of god to solve all of the dissolves last map so this is a contradiction. so did something should be wrong so it should be in an era so does the study conscious can cause era from that kind of contradiction. and or maybe we can use can some kind of around time type information is fishery from tests so you're on your eye test right. yeah. i something to get much. but that you rely test we encourage you to write this if you are single he is shown his progress enough soul we can communicate to the compiler so that we can tell the intention somehow solo the about time. so we will no longer right after i test but until then we write test so tests to round with era so that the test around time information you can retrieve information runtime type information. the soul. why are my eyes so insist in writing population to the language.
think about the future so i'm very excited so if i took my glasses i don't see any face soul everything was so i just see my hand sold the people tend to the very year. decided that people tend to be buried yet sided soul of the present technology are being typed the correlation is very reasonable way to gain benefited from started typing doesn't think that's behind the reason. the p.s.p. and tyson and other programming languages odd option now started typing by adding some kind of the population to the english but i think about the foggiest and future. the programming language able to be more and more concise soul very early stage of computers everything is within a machine language now assembly's his soul to verse boss and that the primary language. it's evolved to become more and more concise so we can do more things was let's call so adding the coalition is the opposite way of two toward up our the evolution of programming language. their future is this cold. animal communication between man and machine. so are seeking our expectation in my e-mail mind so cutting by costs is only an approximation putting the classes to restructure sold though we dug drawbacks is without the coalition we have less the mutation so we are these. and staffing anyway it's that is constant contradiction. so i don't want justice right types for flexibility and up to dry. but we need to maintain anyway. for uses soul but if we put type the information in documentation like dodd i got example the fall so it's started typing with up if enforcement and check so hope it's without kampala time check. it's kind of the worst of both for have sold up that type sex could have compiled tile hype six of dynamic type of language. and the diversity of static type of the mutation it. sold that happens is a bad idea i think makes a graduate hyping is about the idea for will be at least. but the his room for environment for future with the dock in france will provide type davis for gen xers and for your you can retrieve a private information from an all on the expression so you can check compatibility between pipes where you can check if a type of hype as a method so you. any any to or id can access doubt there are ways so you that so that they can use it for called completion over time time check sold. or you will have sought of the committees are from the inferences. it may also maybe we can work with the other men to shun so we really right for the time being full four near future we ride the diving for in the argument anyway so we can check the yard documentation pipes type of information and being in studying isis. this. in that case we have to carefully avoid on the ultimate checks. anyway that kind of the study cars just sounds great right. but but you can use it now. it's a mortgage that soul we have to a lot of things to be done we have to walk without the tools like i'd it is id is jams and now falling tools and out job studied and just tools but i'm sure we benefit the community and two. seoul dot kind of our benefit. is included in the being nice so we're trying. do we we could design i and implement ruby trying to make would be nicer. done is more people more power for we all more comfortable we and faster with the. obviously really community is not just really really the language is all only a component of the really community so we have really jens we have frame marks we have tools and we have you people men. world the community sold up. dance can be nicer. you are obvious can be nicer so we need a corporation. to be calm nicer community stronger. it. some worrying. the nice. we can be stirring is stronger by being nicer being nice and slow the moving forward to survive keeping a barbell day and a gradual change making gradual changes and probably in providing benefits so moving forward to survive. in crews are dot adding new progress or new features or improvements our were three. there will be history is all goal and a policy. not because it's easy but because we need goal. challenging goal. so that every goals in release re adding new ideas new congress a model or having some kind of static tightness this or making three times faster than a competitor we to the every goal is so difficult it's nearly impossible i admit.
but that doles challenge goals challenging goal. dr us moving forward. so keeping compatibility is very difficult and challenging task. but we're not break and possibility for no reason so we and problematic for miss we may break a possibility in the future but i provides you reason to break compatibility soul. not not only for myself satisfaction but for your benefit. ga changes we wants was things away and restarting from so much we will never do that again when we will make the gradual changes it may take longer to tie but it worse is that i believe there will be three features will be introduced to be too. x. soul you don't have to wait until i'm really three few years later. to to make will be fast there was hiding new feature is soul providing benefit the bed on foster would be three we we we provide a bed in the past that would be three and now they put on things. is the bottleneck in the community may not been revealed. the dance for a mouse ops tools we have a lot of things to improve soul we need more tools on the continuations to make whole community beta so how doing better rugby is not enough. so we have to how bad as jams we have to beta are we have to how bad up frame marks we have to have better applications soul these principles can be applied to anything moving forward to survive keeping bottom healthy and making graduates. france and the fraud in benefits so i. in careers. i encourage you to apply these principles to you walk you a jam you up occasion your for mark you everything. two. make really great thing. so the circuitry add to it. if. are very important note i have no strong opinions that interest them. one more thing. yesterday was a voice that amy we had a really two point four the preview three we have several him improvement fast the house including aviation made any court case mapping offices at one point one point you'll support. the fast the house we started the use of the apologising hass which is far faster than the previous one. the these call that contributed by the meal more marker all and then and help with help and help from us or sokoloff and us know also known as a family for whom you think you know i don't think they a bad here but. that could you praise our crop your hand. you he said. but you didn't you gauge in seoul in the history of duty we have the ball speaks nouns for small numbers a big number for big numbers but it is a kind of the leaky obstruction of the implementation. just because the smaller number can be embedded in the value so it is our dark classified as us fix nuns and the bigger numbers are too big to fit into fifty not the value so we have to our kate them into the heaps so we named the top big nuns. but dot that classification is kind out the show soul. dr long consideration we just remove the soul from now on. the into his aim to do so we have no on distinguishing from the reside so this is how did that come in by the incompatibility but it is benefit of the up redouble our concept of numbers. and we have the better the unit called case not being. sold the before two point four the case not being only works for asked the characters so the parking on you that up cases the job that the with absence remain a small up as small as but after two point fall. are the biopic a seeing paki mall who works as we expected so that we make that kind of improvement here in there for it to fall so each year december twenty fifth so i we really is. a new version of would be too so though this next christmas we have done room you really to point fall with those the improvement and more and. good. things will be better each year. anna i hope we have a future for that's all for.
this is my doc just in case that i got my doc want and the my cat. thank you.