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Ruby Conference 2016 - Matz Q&A

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Ruby Conference 2016 - Matz Q&A
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Part of our annual tradition, Matz answers questions from Evan as well as the audience
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there are things going a guide tired of a little tired why. the conference of our yet there and i missed a row on the old yet and i'm sorry and i was fine not all out so our will jump right at the questions are lots of questions about your presentation from the first day yet.
other questions was and when you talk about the like doing the type inference people were interested if you could talk a little bit more about that maybe talk about like how how do dynamic methods met a programming fitted with that and so like when that when would the tight checking happened or what their with the program.
never take check itself would just be a database. stuff the day the best stuff and at that time taking stuff isn't done and will be done in the compound time sold though we cannot say that things that happens a dynamic of the like a evolve on the defining the things soul in that case we just ignore them ok.
at the beginning still a week i am going to create some kind of the prototype of the independent a type checker icap lean things sold up you can considered these kind of the pipe errors as a warning to the your program sold up the dup might be false positive just because of does. a method of the things that off without that the vostok. but you know you proper place a checking account warn you that the we cannot give it a dot com era in a part time information sobering compiled time is such a vague term with every night because it's not like see where we know that. like there's this time were compelling and it's this time we're running compiled time this sort of this stream new shuteye while we're running the code that sets up the other code so like do you do you think that up what will the stuff that runs a part time be able to see through require statement. it's. yes it's still go with aisle to see into gems for instance that kind of thing yet but that doesn't address is painted by the will to compile add up lunchtime i don't mean become part time to check to see so require that record. the dod libraries salt levels so school sold the gain include read in the discos coal into the software can do you think of the tight tracker as part of the normal all loader or is it a separate thing that's looking at the code. and to separate thing at the beginning of taste. cool. again if this is too vague we can ask a question we've got people hope we have people we have questions already is a is that relate to this topic course another topic entirely. its own goals that's fine especially cheadle asset. and right leg got ask your question and i will get us to let master the u. turn it down to a clinic in the only disclose this is as yet using it. i don't want to run. i guess the a similar question with regards to checking so so with your type checking methodology and i believe you had said during your talk that you're looking at this but you could you could throw it out you just like you did from last year right. what other methodology have you considered. there are more like number two or three number three on the list or or there are no number to another three at this point you mean to put that taking for time checking what crazy idea that you have when you go walk the dog. that i have all my crazy ideas add a shower and yet so the foot thinking i have no doubt that kind of crazy idea old but at in on that it. usual composite of information is very limited of a peaceful ruby programs because no we have nothing right. but at so that we can be in for something by say about assignments oil from under it they chose you know you can those strongly to is a little but that the idol otherwise so we have no no information the whole argument tides goal with temporary types of that. we we don't have enough information sold out full. to complement that soul we add some kind of the database beings they got round to a gathering one tiny information or maybe it'll dup putting out the method said the information out of the writing program so that and tekturna. take these kind of doubt in consistency of them did those information did you when you're thinking in working or out this did you look at the other attempts that people have been used for laika i know that our conversation i've had over the last couple days some have brought up was to remember the old diamondback be envious off by the yet. did you have been do you feel like those i remember in your presentation he said that you felt like they forced people to type annotations too much and is that your main takeaway from a lot of those other attempts that there are always forcing people to try and take fair trade a i. to live a survey about the previous it possible that recent research or something and they did two things i can tell is the. up the gathering compartment information out of does not on hyped no toilet happened haitian software is not nearly good enough sold up the previous attempts including diamondbacks and that say advocate. have to ski night on whether you go with the goal that all failed at the gate about god given and i mean that so we sold the one thing i wanted for sure so we need is something addition the in addition they got neck and you know the these kind of the run ten times the information gathering by day that this. beings is dup my tend to lean forward to two does about the programming structure information so how would you think we could walk will change stop yourself out how do you think people would interact with it like for you know what i would it when i run code would complain at me. or would i have to decide all you know what i'll do my type checking before checking to get it how do you think how would you want people to interact with the tape checking off dup the fundaments rhee is sold up wants to compile a or type ticket to we all the patients from the coal. old sold a year you don't have to make some kind of the interaction but at the same time for at least for the short time so we can try to read our document like a yacht things than the weekend odd doesn't information back and falls to out with a yard to meditation. michael we all off me we will write to your documentation with their return by going and that the argument value so we can take the information from that initial on and then maybe in the future we can even reverse we can put that can build the information into the about the decision over it. we have questions about where we were worse whopping yes the discussion is the on improve he is now a good time to stop the design be obsolete. so much and i know that improve he is not a full because i learned just today of one point nine it is a brand you will be schenectady out of one point nine and every is a radical days he was four for one night no no i take the yadkin river didn't description from. one nice was called base but i modified i love all i don't consider done a really to be dealt focal the one nine would do my question is why what would it take to get some of these improvements performance and you see improvement from the country be into a movie or is that not even on the plan. the dup the biggest improvement on top of the one i dr the one i was up there making it the generation o. and making incremental anna the everybody got his poor the is the his generation of an incremental reform they won so we don't have to put in that kind of the improvement of. on everybody. but what about some other improvements lake making cash faster route into the general public at the core that is in group b. into improving yet it it's quite possible but up and up we have a former be we have some what somewhat different criteria about including does. sample full of guy movie he and this should we do is the memory consumption so that dust some improvement that when you consider the more memory cannot be integrated into a birdie but at the help of have the other missing hass is the one idea that does should be get into that i'm ready. so i know that the sea region ever we're both your children so you can pick a favorite. yet but do you do you do you ever feel like well as you work on every that the some of the things that some of the i would call them a stake some of the decisions that were made in the sea ruby that you may different he says every at you like those decisions better you find yourself for feeling that way up yet. i have to favor things seem of the debt net of them will see the which is a long is tough love ever be drop some does legacy the trip takes the dollar by of holes i got dot com the elephants in the engine and that and the sake of things if they will be has the.
invisible it she a.p.i. which is slightly better to end at some point something and it didn't reveal a virtual machine into europe english. so one thing we have people that are raising my raise hands in the middle of the seats like the the roses will do whatever winding up them were lining up so case are we are we line i think were lining up around this is the easiest migraineur job ever thank you. up by doing cancer and minds and i now might now mike has night. television on well that's i was wondering if you could i think you give them are you announced the ruby three by three last year and could you give us a date on that the progress that's been made in positives and negatives that have come out last year less see a week was i was so what example. well they had full force coming to be to fall in next christmas we will have to ask that the hats and ask the question our numbers and and we have made several i'll point improvement including those i'm in for men would be one. two point four will be slightly faster than with its history so that we we will outlive those kind of improvement until we even get that does three times faster than we see comparing too early to all. so something that's good so you feel like of the each the the releases are the status reports even for ruby three rights as we get to four we see its you know how are many times faster on the whatever relevant benchmark for using op carrot or whatever reason right so yeah ok and immediately. it now preparing to the some panda with other dish in danger not as us as we gathered along with the dup carrot which is kind of different from the o.u.c.a. a it's very interesting the is very interesting guy. that we can only run and body simulation so many times before realize it's you that no one really does that people do play nintendo that and so that the operator does this say here that yes we can go to the question on the you have been to endure told them not reaching back was completely do which i think is great but i want to. i ask you if you could if there was snow drawback to eat what are you are top three movie features that you would get rid of. top three you get this question every year is issued we should just be well what pop off photo paul like a a a viable the hippodrome pool and and thread. but not all this. maybe i should make evolved like you or i could one in. yeah the old dollar one dollar to head out on the other thing you. yeah and edgy so broke to take a muscle mass data instead of the bottom must the results to getting your sue has some of my friends have suggested there's maybe one word answer to this question and if that's true that's fine i just wanted to know and for the new currency model would wind. i didn't use actors. it also the we we decided to make no breaking the company may be breaking break is sold that we have to keep us right model his side of something we're going to introduce asked to name opted it is in all not. not fit in that kind of model that only six very low to this point to the the term actor in what i'm wondering what the one word answer is that because that a compatibility ok ok i would have liked because for some that i have five. but. yes each so contributing to read the as a new contributors a little trickier a few minor on something is not a lot of people talk about that been his lot of friction in that process is the core team thinking about ways to make it easier for new contributors or thing about other ways to try and bring more people into contributing greedy. four. say this would be a it has a long history of development and that we have not a lot of concentrating but the and all we have improved the things of that is for example we have that we have the tub the causeway already an era we accept the public with to their sold it and i'm not sure why. will. what else we can prove that but a few have idea so just submit to cover the bogs does the sheetrock are acting out follow up on our fast are there places that the i think people wonder where. parts of ruby if they want a country of years that they could contribute to aca like to see g eight are be the new maintain or whatever you know like of that good example do you have any of those awful off hand and we get another an opinion on this by here at all obviously but that you know that might be a good thing to have as a list some. were know that i know that but i know that ruby corps has been very good about finding and just accepting new maintain years for old for peak things in the standard library for us as a youngster for up to the the from time to time we have this some kind of the rope meeting in mostly. we will kill and we listed up the things we do and things we we have to do in the up on checking the week we put the isle of dogs dup agenda and at what logs in on top of the dup hour week he will do. by taking those wiki with the pages told that you can find the things we can corporate i know that at one point there is a big push or that israel's was are big question there was a big pressure one point two like really try to improve a lot of the documentation you really feel like that was as a successful push us. the program in a few have some kind on to admit in things the e.u. you can explain that things and sold just made the public rest to the source told her that if that is always a good an easy place after two here is what everyone especially now accepting poll requests that helps people get all the thing we yell even we don't. director he said the pool with less than a week an easy route convert to request for that yet. sadat submersion us the so because it's subversion marzena it. and i think maybe he thinks he might be surprised to understand that ruby actually technically supports tale call optimize asian i don't think you could have made it harder to use that any chance you can make that more accessible what i think weighty. it's up to hand. yeah scandinavia. and i mean i think we've always talked about this before to all. yahoo. this final the so extreme even known to all the case of as a typical twenty should we already permitted to default disabled so it's even zones of the greatest hits the voice of the because so i boys have and. the only only a few voices will. i am very few people i know they're required l.k. raised if you have sour on the four a's there are a guest artist as i will follow up with a very technical question that just just to quell the the minor a prize was going on right now. yeah you why do you want self tale recursion or mutual to recursion you look at the cars and that's the only a table so the adult into the also a cozy rigors of the usual so do you like stack traces. it is a program. that's because that's the main reason that they don't get turned on the goal was to raise is very different an important for developing so we need to keep so all over all sector easy so the and the idea is to introduce a new seen as to the.
most table so like if we use a go to function go to conventions oh it's so. with everything you can be no miracle that it is so it is intentional. that their of go do it not accept it. the idea it is a discussion needs. will the word yes. go from radically technical to radically non-technical that i'm wondering if you still enjoyed making real the n.y.p.d. to keep your engine passion for us to enjoy making would be not just for a place for were seen to be i don't know i don't hold for long time. and now and court in another comment as the too cold the know the ogre by the the as a language design a dozen making and design in the making decisions is quite quite enjoying for me and and here i have some of the project. work on as a programmer. the. how he and i was wondering what kind of documentation you might have had back when you are user of one and future you're not all were i i was afraid it's now response all were any documentation once you had that e-mail list where people started to get involved in the document. station at all not even one code government what you are all big it commits wi fi i knew there was no get it now asks us to similar fall between question to you that you have i remember this you said that those first few. the post you you're working on ruby and you put it on the show like of b b s r f t p years of men and then utopia way you could download it. did you was a just like download and was there even to make file it has made while was a dead but it was to make fall with such as you with the right to see yet and there was just like how fun yes ok. i think it. and refreshment every was that online before after the name was it online before was so mass list what it was not want to know it was all a dozen would be ok ok i need to win the way the flight i put it up on the market yet internet so no documentation and. the sole arguments lines really going to rescue talked a little bit about that some of this an ivory use requiring nineteen years and that you're making some therefore tool extract this to nearly every from or rule the into their own written see to receive yet another to make it easier on what's the. update on that and how can we stay up to date on what are those neighbors year up to one eight air our goal we get in cobham proper up with the gem systems eco system sold at that i made some kind of decision we put everything we need into won this tradition. so through so once you eat is told that would be so you can do the accident process saying the web of they were focused on a minute that it where everything read s o x m l i just put that out there but go ahead yet and then we get to those kind of the library of the internet but it does as pie. past so that sohn mentors just disappeared cemented his just graduated from school and look at it. no longer work for ruby and don't time for work with what people that don't mean to sound like a result for those kind of reasons sold a we have some some maintain their that and librarian in this town that on the distribution sold the two result. and yet we go. yeah so for those kind reasons are we glad to remove the duck understand that lightly out the sun the distribution to the chance for example we have essentially put odd dot t.k. odd of them out of standard distribution ideal i mean that we made out that peak. a as up bongos him so we can you can update the teak a.g.m. that the independent fall that reveal versions sold the day week was on the move google's gins out of dust on this you wish and glossary and so the we. i think we have a list of mental illness are on a new dog the cages and and so the week you can find the are maintained a stone the library there. and yeah i'm happy you raise your to make ten. i have a question for us and we wish designer known so really to his been remarkably easy to a great year this from a company i was wondering if you don't like to see improvements every time we have great. give the big writes about repeating that you haven't been able to address and the u.s. agreed that we haven't mentioned yet of threads of the internet. but i don't know but i. i said i'd try to keep busy. for no reason and unique i mean if this reason all soul we make some in capability. soul. what are the those kind of the included the should be many mall not know what should not call them many people that got maybe two three people left for like i give you a driver i have this this question as well like the. the into for the energy of unification has some backwards and compatibility because like of before you have a method on fix them that wasn't on big number if you if you add it yourself an in into for they will still be in both places because us that six numb and big them are just there all the whole point of the. same cost at rain and so you're ok raking some likes fixing some things and breaking something compatibility do you feel do you can look at the featured kind of say like well you know no one should have to be depending on this i know that we this is many years now but i know that for instance from read you. member weeks we we decided that the review key where this is like five years ago and he said the review key word was to problematic and it was ok to break back was compatibility rate you kind of have to look you want to look at all of those little ones and the side that's small enough for dangerous enough to brain rate yet and yet. i don't think we can lose read it even if you really have no doubt walk in the block yeah i don't think it works in koichi doesn't work in no in to only doesn't say i don't think so. though so it every day was a good it was i guess it was written to obama so never mind but the end that can be and that sold the idea is no and all does no rude as can be breakable but that by the military is one soul that we break abilities sometimes the very few times. for the sake of compatibility. during the the a discussion about the possibly and included conduct to be you said that you never want anyone to be permanently banned from the ruby community is explain why you feel that way. may that that long long discussion was kind of confusing filled we know that rugby community is a vague things so one can consider yourself as a dog mabel that would be community without any say initiation and thing. every young men but it would have made us appears on anything so so how can we bomb those kind of things will know so poor that ways and so i cannot accept the batting from anyone from the community meeting so a doubt there is some kind up in all of the up. community order group of people with that kind of bond early for example that we cough as up to ten the one on t.v. you can have some kind of the strict boundary so we can bounce anybody food behave very bad from the dust conference that's ok with it.
we cannot down any long from in on the big members sit so for that reason i usually patting what about what about from but you would consider every from the sea ruby the with the syrupy corti i think that's a different that's a yacht that's a separate very c.f. base. yet if the discussion was to set up up to code of conduct among don't see would be the development team or something like that it can it could be possible but just discussion was the setting up to code of conduct for the whole week. community so that we cannot set up that kind that the cool. yes and and the dubious ever in the community itself is still big goals. the army you have to have you have to start there you have to start saying they were do what is the boundaries yet that we're that we're talking about here so. it's a little bit of a futuristic question but you have any big long term big vision phone to be like maybe five ten years from now and how do you think is going to transform or that's long way and before you answer that question i last guy i want to answer the question as well by its heart i know this is a hard question so what i will say instead it is. five years ago so twenty eleven really come in the you feel like that the things you thought about then that you actually made good progress to where we are now that i will start with that question so i think back five years here we five years ago and where we are now do feel like you've we've accomplished a lot. it. i find musical two thousand to nearly eleven we were and we are in new orleans willingly went to italy and i said yeah subletting the tenth anniversary of that would be cut off right and then we have as someone five hundred is indeed in a we haven't. truly ed one now i won a two one thing the us on the other yet that really to have the biggest accompanist the day in the last five years would be to be implemented several new things and get them all to prepare and in there. if i'm and and an end in sight in india. from last say five years would be you as much much past the sole say as least a fifty percent us all the cases are in a mostly due to the hot day improvement on the job is going to and us some somewhat of the internal structure the moment on the internal structures sold the. we became past the and it really became more powerful and the the community because become became bigger and the be position in the technical industry i came this really is more moist published soul. all and what ok so now thinking forward five years do you feel like that we're on a good trajectory to continue those things keep doing those things to you you know put your future sea grasses on he she it so. so you five he is we we have the ruby three in some some form in a we have to have even faster with the n.b.a. the pain by you then the future will be utilized lot multi-core with in. up high we have as thousand one hundred one hundred twenty eight calls on the p.c.. may your baby and in a dish in social up know. that would be should be rude be still being not. to close a common goals sold the movie is no longer as chinese language in at the present time even sold the my point is up there would be his keep improving and the key problem with becoming more and more powerful sold that. just survive even five painting is so i'm not to be involved the dust of phrase that the slogan that from intel only so paranoid can survive still sold we i try to be paranoid to some by a full the surviving last two and twenty years is the kind. the big challenge in a surviving next pain coming this pain years will be even harder but i try to so why after those kind of challenges for. it. i've always been confused about the use of like private in protected methods i think you've mentioned in the past like i'm having some regrets about the naming whether private in protected in his or any plans for fixing that in some ways the future. but yeah i can to confess that i do regret that and they'll pull of ten things to say protect that and then at the bit that i'm i don't think that we can extend without the banking company built a sold out i don't think i can remove than. awful of the sake of beauty. at the cost of the pain we have that in the community. was so quick survey who views is protected methods. there's two three what will figure out an option and get some to consider it to fully is predicted to correct the yeah i. right now that i've had to do you ever used productively that's no idea how to eat. o.e.c.d. ever use protection methods now coaches is real or so i know what does he use of yeah probably we the after being schuble here should be at it you don't get out now. he probably so uses some people are the only one of probably he is not using act. his he said it hit he read all the while some consider for the three yes to austin in rubicam three c. lot of other languages being displayed on slides and talking about other languages curious if there are any other languages that you're playing with are getting inspiration from. if i land is gay gallup to study about that and the prevailing as a gentle soul i recently study i checked a. dixon and it at close to him the scale of the what this. look at the hospital which is kind difficult for me to go in and the sums to mean programming languages like about the poll when he wore them up. i just that with to the us cells at all which is to google's english and without wheels on the implementation of thousands of google yeah but those kind of like as i think we're going to want one last question your rule was one of you are on language is inspired you some of the features in review. originally and pro six came out just last year and asides taking ten years to come out is there anything you can learn from pearl six. actually read i am very satisfied that i see the influence from movie in perspex. but then the decide that i am pretty impressed by their rules which is the kind of that they enter no d.s.l. to define some news seen pass a grandmother in to the adult language and something and if there's a different form of the. but they grew expression so i was quite impressive it was quite impressive but it i'm not sure we cannot it is to go to the. our i'm well aware thirty cents less or on time so when i think max and i think all of you for your questions and i thank you for a really great really come off and that that's the real cost to appease open right now so the good times have taken thank survey for calming we've got. available rise of those doors go out there have a good time talk with your fellow of the us and i will see you next time thanks. she.