23 (research data) Things kick off webinar - 01.03.2016

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23 (research data) Things kick off webinar - 01.03.2016
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Find out how the 23 (Research Data) Things will work, how to get more involved, how to signup to the catch-up webinars and much more.. Topics include: - Intro explaining the 23 (Research data) Things - Getting everyone connected via meetup -how & why & when - How the ALIA PD points will work - How the catch-up webinar sessions will work - How different groups are coming together around the region
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welcome everyone this is Karen visa from the Australian national data service here in Canberra please say hello in the question pod so we've got some State Library of New South Wales people and some somebody from Goulburn library we've got Tasmania Fremantle bundaberg Townsville Macquarie curtain Japan welcome Macquarie Griffith RMIT Palmerston North coming in too fast for me to see so it's wonderful to see so many people engaged so the first thing is that i would like to welcome everyone and this is a pretty amazing thing both for the research data community and for Anne's those of you who are not aware we've got over 950 people who have signed up for the webinar we've got 37 local community groups who have let us know that they're planning on getting started and we have people around the world are watching with real interest about how 23 research data things will go so we're ready to begin our exciting journey I don't know about you but we're dancin all the people who have been helping to organize this we're pretty excited about 23 things and we'd like to say particular thanks to Michael wit from Purdue University who kick-started the side here by producing a 23 things America and we've taken his basic idea and made it a little bit different added a few things and also i have to say shamelessly plagiarized some of their greater many of the great ideas in the original 23 things for America I just give you a couple of ideas first about how it's going to run this is what you're seeing on your screen now is the 23 things home page and you can see where it is we're in Anne's partners and communities here 23 things and it's also there's a link from there from the ants homepage you can see there are four sub pages here thing one is just saying welcoming and to get organized thing number one two and three are already up so let's have a look at thing number one just so to explain a couple of things
you can see here that there are three streams of activity getting started learn more and challenge me you can choose whichever stream you like you can even change change horses and streams midway through the journey there's three different activities for each one of the things and they will ramp up so challenge me starts pretty simple but there are three you'll see three highly colored buttons do you have to do all three things all three streams no pick and choose if you know if one thing really captures your imagination you might like to have the go for some things to do all three you might not it's entirely up to you equally if you find a thing and you're starting to do the thing and you're not from Australia or you're in a specific discipline feel free to change the activities to suit yourself to go in and do something think how well you've given me three ideas for particular repositories but I'm actually interested in something else please this is about you it's all about what you're learning needs are so feel free to change things for those in New Zealand and other countries because there are some things such as thing nine is licensing data when we get to thing nine that week on meetup will be having somebody from the New Zealand lysis licensing will also be following along so to provide any specific advice but clearly we can't do that for all the countries who are with us so please feel free to adapt and change anything that you that you want one of the questions that we've had is I can see thing one two and three but what about all the others i want to get going we'll be revealing the things consecutively so each week a new thing will be revealed and two weeks in advance so for example this week has thing one week one if you like but you can see thing one thing two and the thing three next week you'll see thing two thing three and three thing for there's a few break weeks in which case we will have a break that week that's around Easter so what we'll be doing after that you will all have a break and then we'll start again so you'll always be at least two weeks in advance and you can sort of go forward or catch up how will you know women a new thing is going to be there you will know that because will either send it out in Ann's up we all tweet it and for those of you who don't know ends up you can see here if you haven't
subscribed to ends up you might like to do that because it'll just keep you up to date there will be a special 23 things box and it will will tell you which thing you're up to you for that particular week so that's anza just subscribe there no spam promise promise news van it's just a fortnight limpy newsletter I'm just going to go back to
thing one now so that most people can
see your screen sorry see my screen and
you'll see thing one thing two and thing three if you're up here in thing one thing one 223 that's the general page so
you need to come into here into i'm
going to hand over to judy bruckner now from earlier and for those of you who
are earlier members or if you would like to become earlier members have a look in the handout screen you'll be able to see that two pdfs that Judy's put in there regarding the specialization so Judy welcome and julie's in Canberra would you like to tell us a little bit about the research and academic specialization which is new today okay thank you Karen slow thank you I first of all I'd really like to congratulate ands on the development of the 23 things I think you've done an amazing job and it's really timely we've had a lot of feedback from our members that they are really interested in this topic so first of all congratulations to all the team at ends for for making this happen and and I'm sure it will be really significant in the sector I'd also like to just explained that earlier is the peak organization for library and information science in Australia and my job here is the director of learning and I look after ongoing learning and also course accreditation and education in Australia the the basis of our ongoing learning is the earlier PD scheme that was created in the year 2000 so it's been going for a long time we have had a promotion of constant improvement to the pd scheme and as a result of that about three years ago we added our first specialization which allowed us or allowed our members to identify key competencies in the area of Health and relate their ongoing learning specifically to that the PD scheme works by people accumulating points over a period of time over over 12 months it's a minimum of 30 points and over a period of three years we taught the triennial it's 120 points and that roughly relates to one hour of work and learning to one point and there are special categories if you look on our website that explained this how it works the real push behind this is earlier is supporting people and rewarding those who make the effort to you keep their learning up to date so after you've done your initial qualification you can join the earlier PDS team the health specialization was three years ago we've added quite a few specializations to that sense some of you will be members of those or just the general scheme as it stood all of those are valid that one we are launching today is special mated to this new webinar and the 23 things and that is our research and academic specialization so Karen if you can just click on the research and academic specialization bubble that will take you through to the
page are in our website about the specialization and explains that we have chosen four streams for the specialization and if can just scroll
down we've those through four streams
allowing you to specialize during a general say you you feel that you're best suited to cover both areas of research and academic you can choose the general stream if your particular interest is adjusting research you can choose just a research one or you can choose just the academic one and then at the bottom there you can see coming up on your screen now is the data one so you can choose a specialization stream just on data in that research academic area and what you were how it works is that you relate your learning to those competencies so when you're doing your entry into your PD record and that could you can use our mighty my pd tracking tool or you can use an e-portfolio you can use a blog you can use anything that certainly we don't want people having to rewrite but the main thing about our for our learning scheme is reflective learning and that is how you're audited so you need to write against your competency II for everything that you learn a brief summary of different things and you can see down below in that page the colored dots and they're just prompts to help
you on this earth to help you you go through in your mind what you're actually getting out of your learning because when you're doing this 23 things if you have those questions in your mind you'll get much more out of them and that's one of the key benefits of being part of the earlier PD scheme is is that emphasis on reflection and it's just simple things like I want to find out more about this covers competency numbers 3 or something so have a look at those when you audited that's what your audit avail we don't ask for tax receipts or we don't ask for certificates of attendance or so forth and we are now we're launching this specialization today and there will be over the next few weeks supporting resources for that and one of the key resources that we develop our skills audit checklists and they are there with the meat of the specialization lies that's where they all the detail is in these skills audit checklist so you'll be able to go through those and tick off whether you know something whether you need to learn it whether it's not applicable to you and that will guide you through through your your chosen specialization or the general peds game if you have any questions at all I have those Lauren is how is that person who looks after the PV scheme so she'll be responding are those two tweets and any questions if you want to email earlier PD directly and by doing the webinar series over the next few months you'll be earning anybody who wants to join up will earn 20 points towards their 30 points for the year so it'll be really worth it to to keep in there and keep going right through to the end and finish finish the webinar series and I wish you all good fortune in your learning this is really exciting it's it's new stuff and we're just very grateful to Anne's for all the effort they put into this development thank you very much Judy I've now liked to make Susanna the presenter and tell us a little about two
things what we're moving now in two ways to be part of the 23 research things community so Susanna is going to take us through the website very briefly and then what are the ketchup webinar sessions and how they work thanks to Center great hi guys as currently my
name is Susanna I am part of the team here at hands in Canberra who is doing the technical stuff and running the things from behind um if there's anything on the website which goes wrong that's probably my fault man it's not up there when it should be that's my fault if you want to get on to the communities page and everything and you're not there that's probably my fault too but we'll try and get it on there now yes here is the 23 research other things main page
it's got the latest news on it and just
an ongoing thing about what's happening down here are various questions that we've had people ask us and they all
link to answers that are here on the FAQ
page and they're all linked people down
here so you know what are the webinars
they come down here and so on now while we're at it what are the webinars the webinars is this initial one that we've got that's kicking it all off where we go through what's happening and you able to see the website and what's going on
the follow-up webinars which you have to register for separately though you register once and you get that registration get you on for all six I think they are of the follow-up webinars so this is a key coverage webinar that we aren't here today then these national help these ketchup webinars are here now you don't have to turn up to these webinars these webinars are basically a what's happening how we going a little bit about the things that have happened and a little bit of looking forward about the things that are coming up and your chance to ask questions you don't understand what's going on make comment and things like that so you can either come to webinars or maybe you might want to do all of these things just in your local community groups there is no requirement to turn up to any of those webinars there's no requirement as Karen said at the beginning to do all of the 23 things you could do one you can do all 23 or you can do all what's at 69 of them if you want to do all three streams all the way through and Jerry will talk a little bit later about the meetup which is how we can sort of also have a way of connecting with people with regards to what's going on and funny three things now the rest of the website i'll go back up to that on so there's been zero which
was a bit of a getting started before we you know because people going what's happening one of these things are everything's before we kick off today and things 12 23 now there's a little
bit of an explanation at the top that about what the various things are and
honestly guys I promise you I put more things on this page this morning and they are not there so thing two and Game
3 with three colored buttons should well there they are look look at or French the webinar um put them on this morning
as we go through the various different things come in as we go on anything for will be released next week and things 523 will be progressively released as we head towards October when we actually finish up now from each of these you can go directly to that part of the next one
so if you click their own thing one you
go to the getting started part of thing one so you get that same little
explanation box at the top you get what
you need to do and then how to sort of cheer thoughts and go further on from there and then when you finish tripping you can get your every bed which will be talked about later you can go other thing too if it's open or you can go back to that page we were just on with all the things on it or if you want to you can go and do the other two parts of
thing one so they learn more and the
challenge me now Karen did explain a little bit about these you don't have to do them all you can do just the getting
started ones or you maybe in a couple of weeks you might think oh my goodness is getting sadder ones I understand them i'm getting them fairly quickly young frugal challenge yourself and go and do the ovens but as we said there is absolutely no requirement to do any of any of them or all of them it's really up to you and what you're going to get out of it what you think you don't get out of it so thing to thing to has been
released as well see there it is all the
sites looking for me how wonderful it's exactly the same format you'll see that
same bead but ones at the top which will
jump you down to their if that's what you want to that's where you want to go and you various things are there I want thing trees they're ready waiting for
you so soon as you ready for them you
can get to go now at thing for Tim pours
not there yet because we're not I haven't released it yet as Karen said we're releasing them slowly as we go through the year and that will be ready and available much faith we will also have that you know by ends up and put her and so on when they're available now Jerry I think I hand over to you so that you can talk about meet up thank you Susanna Tom Jerry Ryder I work with the australian national data service in adelaide australia I've spoken an email
with many of you of you over the last few weeks as we've got this program up and running and so Susanna has shown you the 23 things web page and the individual pages for each thing and she's also spoke a little bit about the webinars which are an option for people who want to join a virtual community to discuss things to ask questions that they may not have am seeing resolved through meetup or through their community group get together and meet up is another option for people who want to interact with this program virtually so essentially will be using meet up just as a discussion forum for things the website that Susanna's does shown you is our main communication channel in terms of the latest news and the reveal of things but meetup is our space for actually posting questions sharing thoughts providing comments starting a discussion about things we have as you've seen three streams of activity for each thing and what we've chosen to do with our discussion boards is to actually set up a separate discussion board for each
stream of activity for each thing so if for instance you're doing the getting started activity for thing one there is a dedicated message board just for
discussion around that particular activity all the discussion boards will be set up in place so you won't need to create a discussion board just simply use this add a reply function to and put your comments in or all your questions what we're really hoping is that you the community the people participating in the program will jump in help answer questions contribute to discussions share comments and thoughts obviously we're dad's will be keeping an eye on this space but we really want this to become a space where the community to can get together and share ideas in a virtual way now again like the webinars it's not compulsory for you to contribute to the meter site if you're contributing to part of a community group you may prefer to instead share your comments and questions with your community group and perhaps just have one or two members of your group keep an eye on this space and perhaps contribute to this space on behalf of your group now you will need to register to join meetup it's a very very simple process that you can do and then you can come and go from this space and use it as i said to post your questions and comments and just to see what other people are saying there is a possibility to too I've got it up here to track a discussion so if you really want to keep an eye on what's happening with a particular discussion stream you can opt to track a discussion and then be alerted when new things are added to it so that's essentially how we will use meter is really just for the message board facility and at the moment we've
got message boards for the activities up
to thing for no content in any of them yet obviously because we're just kicking off but again more of these message boards will be added as things are revealed so that's quick look at meter if you have any questions about it please don't hesitate to ask we did set up a thing zero message board that you're welcome to use to introduce yourself to others in the community and perhaps sort of indicate a particular interest where you might be able to connect with others that share that particular interest the other thing that Susannah alluded to were our community
groups and what we've I guess encouraged
here is for people in the community to set up face-to-face groups or or a mixture of face-to-face and virtual groups whereby people who are the work in the same institution or in the same geographic area can get together to actually discuss these 23 things so hopefully you can see on my screen that
we have already about 37 groups from New Zealand and all the states of Australia that have emerged and we would certainly courage others who might be interested in starting up a group to do so I think it's a great way to network in person and if you're a workgroup to actually perhaps talk about how you might implement some of the learnings from doing the 23 things a geographic group is obviously a great way to go as well particularly perhaps if you are working on your own and research data management in your organization and you want to connect with others who are also interested in doing this program and will here shortly from a couple of people who are actually running community groups but if you do have a community group would like to start one please let us know we're happy to put it up here on a very long list mainly just so that others can have a look and see yep there's a group in my area or
there's already a group in my organization I know who to contact to find out more about that group so please take the time to have a look through that and think about starting up a group if there's not one already in place and you can certainly use meet up and a Twitter account to promote your group as well so that's a quick overview of the community groups so now we've got a couple of people to talk about their groups okay so first up first up today we've got Leanne griffiths from the CSIRO we're just going to quickly tell us a little bit about her group thanks Sam thanks Jerry just quickly Cesaro has a distributed workplace and no two team members actually sit in the same location to enable us to provide support to each other as we progress through the 23 research data things we decided that we would begin with a monthly virtual get together where we could discuss things that have happened in that month and we'll be starting our first one on the 8th of March so it gives people an opportunity to work through a couple of the things and then we'll have a catch up news just breaking to my team is that I've actually had some thoughts over the last couple of days and i'm going to introduce in addition to the monthly catch up a 15-minute scrum type session so that we can come to a quick 50-minute session once a week and bring any learnings that we wanted to share or any problems that people are having as they progress to underpin these sessions we have add three and newly on board fourth data management librarians assisting the outreach librarians team and the
information resources team to engage in the research data things so the other thing we need to work through is looking at tracking awards that will be something we'll be looking at as well we would also like if possible where we have staff on site if we could join in a local group as well and engage with a local group as well but certainly for us the virtual catch up is what we're planning to work through initially that's it for me that's great Thank You Leah so after your Harris from Perth did you want to just quickly tell us a little bit about the group that you're planning a I just thought it turned it interesting and I thought right I'll get a group together and if I say I'll have a group then people will come that nobody's come yet and I've decided that we could actually get a definite venue on Jerry's a tire advice and so the Windsor Hotel in south perth next tuesday at half past six I'll find a table 23 in the beer garden and if anyone wants to that then we'll start off then and see what I works like thanks Erin happy opening that call you I got this answer is no that's lovely in the beer garden sounds like a wonderful option and a diaz email is up on the community groups page if you want to touch base with an seer before next week I'm sure she'd love to hear from you and essentially her group's open to anybody in the perth area that's interested in doing the program and i might come under the alias umbrella great thank you and here finally for this session Anton we have Anton Angelo from universities can canterbury over in New Zealand an 21 just tell us a little bit about your group please thank you turn the qatar qatar and we a surprisingly large group actually and I've been amazed how many people are interested in this I think we're doing this at the right time I'd like to thank our hosts here aims for arranging something which i think is just amazing and for us to be able to piggyback on so thank you very much for doing that and what I would like to do is invite other New Zealanders who may be a bit further down the track on research data it's bischoff things like copyright and storage in the New Zealand context to get in touch with me and then we can we can mold some of the things later on they have a more of a new zealand component in them mine address as well is up there on the meetups page and we're just going to work out i'm going to brush down and talk to our group man the malaysian we're going to work at a bit democratically how we're going to meet and how we're going to do that and the thought of a beer garden is extraordinarily attractive that I somehow I don't think we'll get away with that and unfortunately adiga and we're probably just going to have to have lunch or something like that and and even bring our own and ultra yeah so and thank you again to end for doing that and really looking forward to any other New Zealanders who want to get in touch with me and we can mold some of that later but those things great thanks Anton and we've been delighted at the response from New Zealand it's and it's terrific to be able to share this program across across country borders so next thing we just wanted to quickly cover off on was rewards now for those people who are a member of earlier we've just heard previously about how you can in pd points through earlier the other mechanism that we're using that we hope may provide some motivation for people to keep going with their 23 things is digital badges now we scratched our heads a little bit about what we could
do in the context of a program like this
and to reward people for actually
completing things and hopefully provide a bit of motivation and we came up with the idea of digital badges and we're using the credit system so I've just flipped back now to meetup discussion page for thing one and what I can what I hope you might be able to see is this link here where it says completion of thing one means you've earned a digital badge climate here and what and that same that same link is available on the thing description pages that Susanna showed us earlier so that when you finished your thing you can click on that link and go off and claim a credit
bed with we've created badges for each of the 23 things so that you've got a little bit of recognition as you go along for complete thing there's no proof require this is an honesty system to claim your badges we're not going to be monitoring who's claiming for what and actually have they've done their thing we can't possibly know who's done what things because this is a self-directed program but we hope that you'll find that that's a little bit of fun a little bit of motivation and perhaps a basis on which perhaps your community group may itself have a leaderboard or some other mechanism for motivating people to keep going and to contribute to the program as well now the credit bridges are free but you will need to register first we could be prompted to do when you first go to claim a badge is a short free registration process to do that and then we do encourage you to come in your budget when you complete each things there will be the link as I said from each discussion page as well as from each thing page on the website so it's easy to find I Larry could I just add in there there's some been some really interesting chat on in the question part about how some people are also doing rewards and from em we've got chat with you managers if it's in your PDR decide which stream of things you're going to aim yourself at so that's another way of ensuring that our managers are aware of what you're doing as well that's something that you might want to consider as well yes we go we as I said
we're Dan's can only do so much in terms of rewards but hopefully if you're a
part of a community group and particularly one within within an
institution you may come up with your own mechanism for rewards celebrations you know as you complete things or sections of things just a bit of fun and a bit of recognition for working through the program and sticking with it it's someone who really sorry Gary I'm just jumping in here someone's asked if we get a big bed at the end we can put all your start home page it's a really good idea can we get to the end we may have a surprise for you I'm not sure there is one now but we'll look into that and somebody else has said that they're getting drinks and food when they finish I hope that helped management anything okay hello it's Trudy here just saying that anyone who's going through the 23 things and doing the earlier PD scheme specialization after the 12 month so if they do some extra work and get there extra 10 points they can be an earlier certified professional academic research specialization so extra reward and extra encouragement there to keep going thanks Judy just a question in the question pod which it might make it easier for people to understand just to show where the
link is to the discussion board so someone's asked how do we get to the discussion board you can go directly to the meetup site or at the bottom of each thing activity you'll see
a section like this where it will take
you there's a link there to meet up that
takes you directly to the discussion board for that particular activity so you can access it from here or go to the
meetup site directly and access it from there hello thank you you notice that I
do click on and I haven't actually logged in to meet up here so you do need to login if he's also a close group too
so you have to be accepted come into the group so it's not you know free to the world for everybody to work out and see what's going on you should hopefully then not let anybody who's not interested in what we're doing there now I need to let you guys know about the
twitter handle he's a twitter handle 23
rd things and that was only one and i think if i refresh it yes there's all
sorts of this in one thing to put that one up thank you I didn't have a thought
when we were doing the badges weather week you get things you know up to think we need reboot than I thought now maybe that's just too much and there's obviously a group there I can't sit where they are but they're all just into us and that's fantastic in somebody's obviously got all the rewards happening already fantastic know that round here
carrying you're slipping see this is the
twitter handle that would like you to post tube if you're mentioning about the 20 researched out of things would I also like if you could to add the end startup
twitter handle realize of course is only 140 characters but that just thinks it back to anybody else who's following us at ann's who may not know about the research start of things and what we're doing now the other thing that we've
come up with but we haven't really started using yet is a for those who are
being a community organizer so it's thing Oh s my can't play thing organizers are things I can I say yeah thing organizer that's like that thing I OS was so if you've got questions that you want to ask to other community group leaders just tag it with this and that will be another way of keeping yourself from going insane because you there on your own you've got you know this crappy room full of people who are
looking to you and you may want to know for some ideas or things like that and I probably will be monitoring these various Twitter streams to see what's going on what questions are being asked and trying to help you wherever we can so I'd like to thank everyone for coming along today and let's get started this is a pretty exciting opportunity we're keen for all of you to let us know how you're going look you've got any queries or questions or good ideas tweet them or what you can do is you can just drop an email to anyone at ann's on our webpage I think there's a general contacted and email address you can use that but I'd like to thank you all for your support the 23 organizing team has drawn on expertise literally from around the world and our local community members have been really forthcoming in supporting us and each other to get started we wish all of the group's all the best and if you don't have a group in your local area don't forget there's the catch up webinars and there's Twitter and there's the ends staff who can answer any questions or help you get started or if you're not sure what to do we can set up one of these GoToWebinar meetings just one on one if you're not sure how to get started so just let us
know so I'd like to thank you all for coming along and wish you all the very best and we're looking forward to seeing
you all either webinars in your local
groups and then staff by the way are also available to come along every so often if you'd like us to join in with your your groups and we're happy to come along and sit in and provide any support that we can so on behalf of all of the people here at hands and all of the community who have supported each other to get these 23 things going let let the fun begin let the games begin let the things begin so we'll see you all probably a tad next catch-up webinar or
in your community groups or we'll see you on meetup