Synopsis - PiDs Short bites #3 - Linking data and publications - The Scholix initiative

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Synopsis - PiDs Short bites #3 - Linking data and
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so today we talked about a very sense to the tale about trying to get information about the articles that underpin by data
or vice versa the data that is somehow to a journal we saw that was a very very messy situation with one on one queries and searches and
bilateral information exchange between a
plethora of data centers and journals and other scholarly publishers really quite a mess and what are you even a very good result at the end of it these colleagues initiative is a number
of global publishers data centers
service providers that have come together to address that messy problem with a much more coordinated flow of information from journals and data centers into a number of global hubs and
then providing other people with the
ability to now query in a much more
efficient way for any articles that might be related to a data set or he datasets that may will be related to journal articles or other publications so this is the contribution of the scholars working group which is just kicking off now into some really quite important testbed implementations of this approach