Boom vs. Culture Clash | Understanding online in South East Asia

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Boom vs. Culture Clash | Understanding online in South East Asia

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Boom vs. Culture Clash | Understanding online in South East Asia
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Das WWW entwickelt sich in unterschiedlichen Regionen auf verschiedene Weise und es ist wichtig zu verstehen, dass das Internet nicht nur aus Europa und den USA besteht. Auch wenn das Internet hier anders funktioniert kann man viel von SEA lernen - nicht nur in Marketing/Business Bereichen. Neben des allgegenwärtigen Internets 'daheim' wächst ein etwas anderes Web heran. Man spricht immer vom World Wide Web und von Gleichheit im Internet doch ist das wirklich so? Hier in Sout-East Asia ist alles ein wenig anders. Online boomt, in gewisser Weise, und stockt jedoch zur gleichen Zeit. User nutzen das Web unterschiedlich und doch gibt es Gemeinsamkeiten (Social Media). Das Internet hilft (Burma, Cambodia,....) bei der Berichterstattung und muss sich oftmals gegen Zensur erwähren (Vietnam, Thailand waehrend Wahlen...) die selbst grosse Unternehmen (e.g. Rocket Internet) an den Rand der Verzweiflung bringt.
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it it it and
it and we but the the
in some schools so another way that this says that no online thank you alright welcome to whom
was as culture clash which is my the topic of my presentation here on understanding
online in Southeast Asia but before we start the topic however a short introduction so you know who's talking here our mind session and coming ranks at university which is in Bangkok is the biggest private university in Thailand on before I went there the however I studied here in Germany and just speaking English because it didn't come back to Germany for 4 years so from intense desire um after wants I
reckon this to the go online marketing roles then I saw earlier and needed time out I don't like this agency work anymore so I went to the northeastern Thailand to run as a woman to teacher I enjoyed teaching quite a lot so I decided to stay there and I hope my month of this thing right now what you never to 2 years saying teacher so on the island I like teaching um and now I'm lecture there I'm much trying to show off I'm just trying to show that we do have real houses there in Thailand and not teaching and some hot star on the beach it's Clyde modern and to me right now so enough about me however let's jump into Southeast Asia when I asked southeast
Asia usually people say yet temples uh also sunsets mystic stuff it's true of course but there's more to Southeast Asia
when we talk about Southeast Asia this is quite important down when you know think that I kind of I realized this like is true looks kind of similar to the fact that we have here in the European Union but there's a reason behind that and
kind of plays into the stereotype of stations only copying stuff but I can't help here so what's dislike about this select represents ASEAN and it's really
pronounced as ziance motivation I making mistakes and Asian such words ASEAN it stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations by name you can tell it's
quite similar to the European Union it will happen hopefully in 2015 I was planned to take place January 1st already got postponed to December 31st and other curious to see if it's really happening in 2015 borders open ion road is going to be easier hopefully import export will
improve at least that's why what we hope that's why right not as kind of gold rush feeling out in southeast Asia big companies from Germany Europe the states I coming to Southeast Asia to set there as if the business there and be there when this happens the 10 member states in ASEAN and also
love bullshit happening right now but they would come to that later of course it's always and as a gold rush feeling you will come across a lot of posted and the so what this which comes up part of
Southeast Asia let's have a brief look I'm not sure if you know all those countries and we start with
Bhutan just a small so very small country next to inject quite high above everything else very hardworking people at least my students and then if Myanmar which is around here called Myanmar but the people themselves are called Burmese and they called their home also bottom-up and yes allow and laws next to Thailand and to the relationship is a little bit like to me in Austria with the big brother Thailand and the smaller brothers out own language and sorry for the or since in the
audience standards Cambodia we have Vietnam the Philippines Brunei which is officially called Brunei Darussalam probably 1 the 2 countries that nobody knows here arm Malaysia which is famous for Singapore which is famous for being Singapore most western countries in Asia and Indonesia it is incredibly big so that's what the talk about now out its Southeast Asian not only get the facts straight down let's jump into the kite apart now comes the Kaiser in Southeast Asia brief overview of those are actually 2 of my students to prepare best students actually and they're doing the wire which is a type of thing but which is quite important in Southeast Asia because it shows respect and respect is a very very important thing when you are in southeast asia that's 1 thing you have to talk about you also talk about the work which plays a big part in everyday life and and in culture uh politics and quick jump into politics and you will learn what the terms of binding so yeah you're going to learn tied to date when we jump into our respect and Buddhism this just means that religion is very important this shows um for example when you go to school from primary school and to graduation until you the bachelor you will have to attend culture classes and you learn how to do this the correct way when to do it this winter buddhist way so that's what you learned from kindergarten and to graduation so it's incredibly important polite as as currency than simply means that if you do this stuff right you simply use a to people the reward you example I'm sitting in my office at university student comes and says you know a chance chance to private for a teacher your watch and I have a problem then I'm supposed to ignore the student comes in and says that challenge so sorry then you are supposed to help him no matter what so this is incredibly important and people they really pay attention to that and not only had units in everyday life of course
showing off simply means that the use of searching for way dation for others and we have that in every country of course but houses Asia is seems to be even more important example is people they drive fancy cars the latest mobile phones nice clothing myself it's within the goal to the whole the Holmes quite often pretty of the State treaty and that's because when they go to a party and go to me friends they always go out so nobody sees your home that the appearances really really
important and it also that play a role later into the online thing and press relations who vitamin B is always important as signal in Southeast Asia
even more another example on myself and I have to extend my work permit my work we so I usually have to wait for hours and even if I have a lot of documents from university if somebody else comes in and most a guy or just gives him a few thousand but so the thai currency everything will be faster and and complicated so personal relations vitamin b is even
more important also plays a role in own and success later so that's the short title part we still have the brought plot work in Southeast Asia is usually considered very hot those of course pictures of rock it's still there but it's not the average of Southeast Asian person working like this but over usually starts in the early
morning lasts until late evening say you started 7 you work until 8 of course you don't work 12 hours straight you work 2 hours you have a break he wrote to all of you have a break breakdown of sleep and about around again and but still wrote this supposed are assumed to be hard and everybody was working no matter if
you looked like this or if you work in the office everybody says I've worked so hard because it was a long time which is not a problem for most people because you work together with friends many ourselves days in
languages they don't even have a word for what at the snow actively used word for coal vocal classmate usually a say over together with friends I go to school befriends everyone to friend so you don't mind spending a lot of time there are also important politics that's of
course something that we see all the time with my mom always and she calls me now you find so at politics so we don't always have demonstrations of things like that but it happens of course and that's another reason on order so that's the reason why people quite often a really annoyed but politics that demonstrations all the time and people are against the point politicians and the current government but they don't trust even if there's a change they don't trust to say I have to take care of myself anyways so I'm really fed up with politics and especially like Thailand Myanmar however this happens all the time many people the average people they're really really set up and say I can't rely on places anyway I have to take care of myself all the
things he said right now I'm box and politics and disrespect thing leads to the sun visor by attitude so by by is of a type phrase in which could be translated to money on a Manyana so at this through tomorrow and translating type Spanish also it let's do it let's let's do it tomorrow at this means if you want to get something done and somebody's busy um having a break right now the you have to wait and getting angry the German style like a I'm here
you have to serve me it doesn't help anything something I had to run over the past 2 and half years and this patience patient patients so supplies a
by is incredibly important for people there was a brief jump into the cultural on because I have to hurry up it here um
and now we try to related to the online thing of course because there is of course not everything is like temples and mystic sets and stuff and beaches I've ever seen a beach and a year for example but said but yeah and if vibrant cities bank or other cities that a booming in passing right now so let's how online looks in Southeast Asia and before we start with the social media thing that the announced let's have a look at 3 of the biggest websites now in Thailand and Southeast Asia and 1 of 2 biggest websites is some of
the that comes from the but common is a type of side they just changed to lay out a little bit more western they surf everything for young people now it's especially for celebrity
new ways of University related news but mostly stars stars stars and cost of gossip super
important but but then we have
post John which is a very good example for the typical South East Asian website and it does look really good really fancy and a of pictures and of course the band stating it's a very very famous dating site and Dayton booms even more than ever right now and then we go to war of planted and this looks really crappy looks like a forum that side like 10 years ago in Germany and it's is incredibly successful when it comes to discussions political discussions about related discussions and there that's where the opinions are made and it looks incredibly shady and I wouldn't wanna spend too much time there but the people they say I don't care how it looks I don't care how it works as long as it works it's again a very interesting part of the culture and if you take it out from online for example when you go on holidays people southeast Asia the book a bus ticket 6 hours passed through we say I
paid for this ticket I want to sit people associated a don't care about busses for whatever I stand you never paid the same price that similar here I don't care how it looks as long as it brings me where I want to be with it's also important it's like those websites are very
very successful and you some datasets but now is tending to social media and social the density of the are we are social media at rest still in I don't know about it then you take those numbers from social biggest of kilometers very famous that data side for social media Bank of number 1 Jakarta number to call number number 10 makes free citizens southeast Asia 3 out of 10 and let me take In has not German city what where are you not on Facebook so we here on Facebook create this shows Southeast Asia is there even if you when you think about online usually you think what happens in Europe what happens in the states but it happens here happens in southeast Asia or if you take a look at Mumbai and so it's even in Asia 5 out of 10
yeah so what what are the biggest the biggest of brand pages on Facebook just a quick overview of an entire landed speech turned green day-to-day uh make not only created MCI's T and then we have some closing stuff McDonald's in Malaysia which is not too surprising but what's surprising number 3 million mark class market in Burma a country shattered by civil wars with so many poor people in only a few rich a car market rates is number 1 and it's quite interesting to see that the average person in Brahman simply doesn't use phase toward internet that only the rich
people out there and to see 45 thousand light in a country often of 50 million people it's nothing but it's interesting to see that they make the money there so what I
did posting what other posting just a brief look of what are the posting of course like in every other country coupons coupons all this work no matter if Germany southeast Asia or whatever who poems always work on but and it's getting interesting that's the the biggest page somewhere with more than a million lights and they just posting funny pictures all the time told not related is
Steve Jobs impersonated here that's even the CEO of 50 times always having this that kept sad and their posting pictures of of the funny when Sweden told not related to a achieve at so this shows a funny stuff so generates like even versus ProIcon Thailand's posting your model right postings super picture with no relation whatsoever to the acting but this receives a hundred thousands of likes and share such as saying I'm playing civil Marion know what the hell all university have 105 thousand up like and when they started the posted repulsive cadmium and stuff yeah
we think what the hell and people like it and they share it and they like it again now we had a change of policy be posting more knew related stuff people don't care anymore and it's very very interesting about with this stuff you
chair of likes with related stuff and not so much and of course we also have should onset stumps happen right now especially on Twitter only 2 examples on the right hand side and on the left side from you it's on the PM primeness of Thailand just joined twitter and as the president of Indonesia with more than a million followers within 3 weeks of cells and and they of course they if somebody like this goes on there have to be impersonator's right in so so many impersonators right now and everything that post will be in the
newspaper of suicide because newspapers that post tweets on the front page and stuff so it this is a really booming its Internet social media is a really really really big thing right now and everybody believes everything you can see there so this is again this is their
opinion happens but yet since I work at a university we did some research together with other universities in Thailand and Southeast Asia and we said OK what do you use social media for and I think they're all lying and they said I don't 0 per cent out of more than 1 in 1 thousand students 0 per cent games I don't think so with but that's what they say but now it's even more interesting when we ask OK what do you think others use social media voted as they had gaming and I'm not but the other state to shit I I work in education us don't that's very interesting and also very that's where it says a lot about the Kaiser they say for themselves I'm doing the right thing but the
others the other stating they don't and that's very very important to know the and of course we ask what's your
favorite network of course facebook number 1 of course of course Twitter is there but the also Instagram should check Instagram the fort hashtags that's where we are that's what we and lying on the should you use line no hands up no line theory would come to that in a
minute we also possible I'm sorry for that what's the problem the problem of social media many students say over use which just means that using it too much but it's interesting that you also see an awareness people use it 24 7 and they use it really 24 7 you mn I and I'm teaching in the audience in ways like this it's even worse than all Republic about way from the trust issues privacy doubts falsely interesting because there is no privacy people don't care about that they post everything and it's always open unite I teach ethics and privacy it's always open everybody poulticed drunken pictures everywhere also interesting and very interesting for me speed of implementation that just
means that all you can do is chatting actually doing personal stuff but you can use it to get coupons to get
discounts on because business they don't use it so it's actually really only for private from which the last question shows I say social
media you say open question have the 1st on pictures of food yet Instagram I love it can but like a set that's very odd if you check the Instagram you will see so many Asians doing like this and have a few pictures on private use only is just what I said people use it to check check check check but they don't use it for anything else that that's very interesting overrated of no 1 could say so if I would
say that Republican and incredibly important everybody's online all the time but really all the time and you go out with friends it's bursting here today i've and i've i've into the toilet and people around me over and that's happens in Southeast Asia every day all the time and people just walk around like this
so online is important and here since sort censorship happens all the time right now we had a youtube session on youtube very big right now in South East Asia and what happens very often
parodies unlike like lifting thinking but then with a political I character in the acting and act as politicians and singing call me maybe but they're acting show something different by if you make it too obvious you get punished and gray severely punished jail and things like that post ball of the royal family or something like that on Facebook and somebody on finds it finds out about that he would go to jail no kidding arm or censorship binary selected election time in Thailand I can't excess German speaker the like just indexes that this has property prop develop new sites during election time happens all the time Facebook it's block in Vietnam from time to time right now many Vietnamese kids that post suicide notes of Facebook the Vietnamese government has paid to the
possible Facebook responsible for the suicide suggests that Facebook down and that's how they how they act there and that's what happening that's what's happening all the time so censorship could be a whole extra session and would like to talk about the way more
because it happens all the time every day it and shot into into social media and in the minds of the data however and as of course also this happening and also a very very very very cool we jump into business and Southeast Asia right node start rising ever
talked about there's a boom in Southeast Asia whom was as culture clash boom boom is a huge boom why is there a boom because of RC and I told you before us ing happening so it's what's happening right now with the ball a lot of copy and paste that companies and start-ups goal there usually but the average star themselves dangerous 1 substation
guys 4 guys from the west disrupting generally gonna make it work in Asia and it's not working of course some examples of some yeah it's not working I hear and
sincere in BN I thought I can pick Rocket Internet from only a few examples of 3 of them they have they have hundreds of startups in Southeast Asia but only 3 of them have from Pond of 1 of the biggest it's a full delivery service and they say themselves they are facing energy which arm problem right now for the federation it 1st the audience for experts like me like we
can stay at home and can order pizza so it was rising but right now everybody knows planets like yeah I'm carry more so there's a saturation happening locals don't use it anyway because you open the door you go out and there are 20 food stalls and if you want to order food home you just call your restaurant dataset set somebody on a motorcycle and he will bring it to you you don't need that so that's what they're facing right now the saturation experts yea but the rest of next example also
rocket as venturous and Laura scandal excellent nowhere for shows encloses and they have problems with the payment I mean they're doing quite
well but they say they don't they don't grow as much as they want because the payment because only 13 per cent of people in Southeast Asia they only have credit cards 13 per cent so how we wanna pay online like when I pay a pass to get for example I have to pay 20 per cent more convenient because I'm not going out the pay more than I have to write down the ticket number then I go to 711 convenience store almighty and type in the ticket number insert the money is going to be transferred I get a received them and then I bought a ticket so I could also walk to the shop and so this online payment in Southeast Asia is
really working and the last thing mortals condo other members also more tour of the
top selling company in Muammar again I just think that to show that even rocket achieves investing there and yet we have some problems yeah you could say OK problem I could pick out or I could invest more and they are investing more and more and more why because they say in 2015 is going and going to be fine it opens so it's worth investing and the investing like crazy right now but of course does not only bad things happening
but also very very good things happening for example uh this instant messaging chatting at line I've just have a short the from Russell was the all main or for all of the next letter Asia I think most of you geeks nodes and the next met his writing for an excitation and what he says is just yet it's to the southeast Asia and when you at even companies that use line you know line I ask before nobody yes it's like what's at
the cooler and so it would afford at use line or we checked beaches in China but lineup it's developing Southeast Asia and then you can even order bottled water online when you've friend the type beverage company you can send them online message saying I want water tomorrow it's at noon they will send a confirmation and his into water and ordered why out why am I sitting at and it's not happening on that side it's happening there in social media
and they go to facebook I said before backsides people don't care about that that's true they buy here and not even on parenteral phi star norm of every shop has a normal friend profile than a friend random people they post pictures with prices of shots they take you and you can send them a message here I want a shirt and that that's how he commerce works it's very sad to say but it's e-commerce works in southeast asia it's really working it's not like here it's different but it works and that's how I want to finish that different just because it's different doesn't mean it's not barrier it's
fairly e-commerce is their on line is there it's just looked like here and if you're going there you have to adapt you can just copy and paste it's important to note that it's different but it is still working and that actually already concludes my intra 2 was on that in Southeast Asia if you are interested in this presentation in the PDF file or whatever it just go there the like the lot latest post this with this information on and almost looking very fast but I had to make it in time and they should have
2 minutes left so questions it be that's like in university of
questions you can go home until you still although there
series directed by this lecture but I wonder how they're still fairly um almost dictatorship country like me American joined the common market with time and that none of them and what impact would be also on the social media level like there is many things but the numerous which is and will work hard in the and then will they be catapulted into the 21st century the Montserrat was over it is very very good question that's what we all think in southeast Asia and that's 1 reason why did the latest start of us in already for 1 year and they open up more and more cells data you can see a rocket Internet is not going to solve this data to investing sold to other foreign companies so they try to open up try to make more money and they
even reduced the costs for mobile phones right now before you had to pay a few hundred euro for your for your own mobile phone card for this and cut only now it's down to 2 dollars so they try to open up they try to become a more open but you're right in the end and it's addictive kind of like dictatorship the can say that but because it's democratically elected but yes so yet that they can shut it down whenever they want so that's a good question we not sure yet but they want to be part of us and that's why they have to open up and this year is right they comedy catapulted into to 21st century in villages to see is that really works out most of us have doubts that no
more yeah good thank you there and things were much and thank you thank you today
if the land mine my was when the