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Anas platyrhynchos (Anatidae) - Schlüpfen

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Anas platyrhynchos (Anatidae) - Schlüpfen

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Anas platyrhynchos (Anatidae) - Schlüpfen
Alternative Title
Anas platyrhynchos (Anatidae) - Hatching
CC Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 3.0 Germany:
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E 1262
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Silent film
IWF (Göttingen)
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Film, 16 mm, 133 m ; SW, 12 1/2 min

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Stockente. Anpicken des Eies an einer Stelle, Bildung eines Bruchkranzes um den stumpfen Eipol mit dem eizahnbewehrten Schnabel, Abdrücken der Polkappe, Herauszwängen des Kükens, Abtrocknen der Dunenfedern, Detailaufnahme von Allantois als fötaler Lunge und Harnblase, Nabel.
The film shows in detail the emergence of a duckling. At first the egg is only pecked at one point. After a pause a larger opening is made neighbouring this. From these the formation of a break takes place around the blunt end of the egg. The activity of the beak with the egg tooth point can be observed hereby. After the cap has been pushed off like a lid, the duckling, obviously exhausted, and with short pauses to draw breath, forces its way out of the shell. At first the down feathers resemble thick bristles and tufts but they fluff out after drying. Finally the allantois is also shown as foetal lungs and bladder and the umbilical cord through which only a few hours before hatching the yolk sac with around one third of the original yolk mass is drawn in.
Keywords Ente / Stockente Stockente Anas platyrhynchos Eizahn Schlüpfen / Aves hatching / Aves egg tooth Anas platyrhynchos northern mallard mallard Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
IWF Classification Biologie Anseriformes - Gänsevögel Aves - Vögel Vertebrata - Wirbeltiere Ethologie, Morphologie Zoologie zoology ethology, morphology vertebrata - vertebrates aves - birds anseriformes - waterfowl and screamers (anseres) biology

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