Die prae-anästhetische Visite

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Die prae-anästhetische Visite
Alternative Title
The Preanaesthetic Round
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C 1132
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IWF (Göttingen)

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Film, 16 mm, LT, 297 m ; F, 27 1/2 min

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Erfragung der Sorgen und Ängste des Patienten (Original). Herz-Kreislaufanamnese und körperliche Untersuchung. Anhand einzelner Organbefunde (Lunge, Herz, Niere, Leber, Struma, Stoffwechselstörungen) werden Narkoserisiken und -komplikationen aufgezeigt (Original, Röntgenaufnahmen). Praemedikationsschemata an Patientenbeispielen. Zentrale Stellung des Atropins in der Prämedikation (Trick).
This clinical teaching film, intended for university instruction but also suitable for post graduate medical training and the teaching of special nurses, emphasizes some of the most important points in pre-anaesthetic questioning and fact finding by means of short dialogues between anaesthetist and patient. These episodes, shot in the Hamburger Universitätsklinik, Eppendorf during several pre-anaesthetic visits begin by discussing the worries and anxieties of a woman patient. Besides the effect on the psychological condition of the patient, the pre-anaesthetic visit gives the doctor an opportunity to form a picture of the functional state of the organs which are important for the anaesthesia. The practical consequence which arises in each case and the reason connected with the specific search for somatic disorders are given in scenes which, for example, bring into view moments in carrying out the anaesthesia. Towards the end, the importance of atropine is made clear in a multiphasic cartoon on the topic of "premedication". This film is so constructed that the student spectator will himself carry out the procedure in the same order shown in the presentation of the pre-anaesthetic visit with its problems.
Keywords präanästhetische Medikation Atropin Anästhesie / Patientenbetreuung Prämedikation premedication anesthesia / patient's care atropine preanesthetic medication
IWF Classification Medizin medicine