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How to turn an abstract into a video abstract
Teaching methods, techn iques and experiences of the Popular Science Video Workshop
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Since publishers launched their own video channels on the internet, there is a growing demand toward short science videos explaining a given research. Studies have shown that such short videos aka video abstracts, have a positive feedback on the citation of the research paper they are associated with. To produce a video abstract, scientists often assign professional filmmakers. Other authors however choose the cost effective and quick way and produce the video by themselves. To encourage authors to choose the latter option, we combined the writing and editing skills of actively publishing authors and documentary filmmakers and created a special training. We found that in two countries - Germany, Hungary - scientists and university students learn to produce short science videos for the internet in a considerably short period of time, given that proper supervision is provided. These findings can contribute to a further increase in the numbers of citable scientific video abstracts.
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OK so there as you can see I started my career as
a molecular microbiologist and then I made a sudden turn and switched
laboratory to the great outdoors and instructed to make films about why that's still library for more than that nearly 2 decades now is a natural history documentation makers so we've submit it seems to to real port and so we made for example this documentary for
2 D the German Ministry of Education and M. but there we should leave made
films among the shark fin trade and maintenance
of snakes and this is my favorite about an oak
tree so the latest 1 so as you can see the topics
are quite different but they have 1 thing in common which is that it took years for us to to govern themselves to to put the natural history topic onto the screen is really time-consuming therefore and then came this popular each the call for offer the start that accompanies this lecture and what you can read on this assignment of so he came just call him the other article just to speed up the ones that are the male names in Hungary
and not just talking about it's quite common so anyway there he he completely changed the way I think about scientific few making because among many other things he told to me how to make a scientific we deal with in 2 days not years to days and that and so here I am a thanks to him standing in front of you and talking about how to turn an abstract intermediates but 1st let's wrote to the
obligatory question on this virtual y well well scientifically speaking we do not know although I'm very happy to to see that there are studies already available and yesterday also started my PhD studies on the human economy in Budapest and the topic is the methods and techniques of short popular science videos so there but but that's not important important thing is that you have sex of them there at the multiplied the change they buy they and they evolve its effect and so scientists themselves do not bother we which research for scientific evidence they just happened to make these videos so the question to why is why not this is evolution this happens and then for me to find now
let me tell you about how I did become the video abstract created this all started with the well prepare yourself with the with the usual before and after thinking this is before this is after this form so the air from really millions of years so this is how scientific publications look
like white paper like letters and you as the readers in front of it and and writers on the top of the times are changing and now what you see is expected to do this while there are still
writers but they are preferred to be called this authors and you suddenly tend to be if you were and this is a significant difference just like I did many many information you can see on the screen like links numbers and and a lot of other interesting things which I find that the thing is if you were I think it's great to squeeze so many information on a single screen but uh I I told you that then now I'm talking from the author's perspective because for this abstract I was asked to be and uh created to to so to create that the abstract and all of a sudden this layout orders former tend to be a nightmare and headache and the end of the Long Beach the principal investigator told that we have 2 days to produce the media sex I know it's it's not an uncommon normally you have 1 day or even less to produce such things because there scientist themselves are a busy with writing the and that their work and then they have very little time left to fulfill all the other expectations that probably might come from a prestigious publication in this case the publisher subgraphs and then we made we deal it was complete within um uh 48 hours well everything
included so filming and editing editing there he is the president is the other RT log and they're now uh uh the video has 22 K user or it which is enough to significant especially compared to 1 that she can be there which my daughter's are fancy of but it doesn't mean it's not successful we are in the top 10 most you use of self press review sex which is just 1 year ahead of there and in New Journal of Physics and there were you you choose will be the last section i as far as I know so it's a great thing to be among the top down and more importantly because these are just heat and clicks no 1 knows what they really mean there but luckily uh there exists
a metric the score this measures the quality and quantity of online attention given to our paper and in this case in this not to be significantly higher so the publisher was extremely satisfied as you can see uh from more than 6 million outputs measure by metric it was within the 1st thousand which it was a success into these success and through this uh it sounds good but it's not true because it wasn't to based it was much more than that and here I come to this workshop the problem with the making is that it consists of several steps like writing filming and editing going not to mention sharing which I think is the most important topic display virtual but there 2 produce a video of sexually in 2 days is absolutely impossible if you don't have the scientist behind who knows his subject very well and who loves to communicate and there In this case who can variety his or her screen into that his or her abstract into discrete script is is very similar in our case of sex to the abstract the only difference is that the the text on the screen is easy to understand not for the not only for academics but also for the general audience and there might call tort along the DDT instinctively he's really really good at doing these things so when I discovered this fact that he is instinctively writing the script even as a scientist I asked him to do it consciously and the agreed and so this is how the Popular Science video virtual began and now we we teach scientists to to make you have sex all of their own and of course we also make used by ourselves here come the the automatic figures for on latest 1 it's I'm extremely proud of it as you can see that out of the 6 million outputs it's in the 1st 3 100 and the score is really heights is 16 or 16 hundred and and the put everything what we learned from the popular science we do upset because of course this is feedback we learn a lot from for students who happened to be that students and because we didn't know that tend to talk to scientists within degree or PhD students who are already in public publishing themselves so what about the video them because it's interesting that there OK
if you the it's it's by the rates science articles so yeah there was this course is high but whether we it would be extremely well and of the London she appears again and I hope you will sometimes give this up and the higher and native-speaker narrative but then 2 of them have to
survive on my Hungarian accent which is based on the case of 1 of the other students well
anyway it did quite well it within 5 days after its release but it happened 8 days ago so the data the release was the 3rd and 7th of September so wouldn't even for Friday's is collected more than a quarter of million views still lot at year-end but we make progress I think so after answering the question why why not use the next question what exactly every you abstract believe it or not no 1 cares about definition which is quite good because these are the and wall of like people commands do and so it's better to leave them be without a definition I believe but we've collected there the the available descriptions and commitment and be compiled the Wikipedia articles so it's already evolving you can find it you can edit it and then became the next step to find out what we abstract some meatloaf and here I have to apologize my respected colleague who is doing the and I think something similar about them with a much bigger sample size and more air metal electrically uh I don't know how to use it more scientific what we did was that we just analyze the topmost viewed videos on Cyprus with you 62 channel apologize for the publisher the reason was simple we had review there the investigate only the visual content into our deal content was analyzed this time area that the 2nd measure what we see on the 2nd basis what he we found that the media techniques and human techniques using these left sex can be easily divided into 4 major categories the 1st is on comma appearances is basically when you see the auto talking to the comma on giving an interview 2nd animations all kinds of moving pictures them from my board animation to screen according to the the point is that moves then followed there are documentaries scenes is the most more traditional way of storytelling when we see that researchers going into the laboratory doing the experiment we sometimes call them reenactment and in the the very last place steals which is I think the good place 4 still to have in the video abstract now I finally arrived to the main question how to make the video abstract I think it's a very important that we defined then the things we have sex and made of but to help to create a 1 is is is a big question and the and and as you can see on the very day I and it's the file genetic analyzes so I'm still obsessed with this phylogenetic trees that can see as of a lower level there is a branch going here higher approach and you know why not this is the easy way it seems easy but it's not uh choose this option if you saying this only if you have time and money because I'm I'm a filmmaker I know what I am saying we are expensive and be the need of lot of time and then on top of that you have emotions and sometimes in it's really going to there are 2 sets of we have sometimes conflicts with scientists I believe this is only 1 way of doing media abstracts and there are 1 . 5 million other ways and 1 of them he has to to 2 to the beach what we have done several times it's kind of a scientific approach so we tested it why not apply and here we come to the most interesting part of this final genetic tree so is busily hypothesis as I mentioned we assumed that we can develop a protocol of business in which scientists can do the same and to make their own view abstract very short amount of time so what we did is that we identify the components you have seen so far within the we specify the tools and founder hardware and software for it's basically a laptop and a smartphone and an internet connection what you have to be very careful about is that these things have changed the day by day so we have to update that knowledge and quite often and then we invited people and created in groups quite like decision-making 15 that we have built during the production of following the upside down we demonstrated the steps so basically we show how we did the right thing I with how we did the feeling of how we did the editing and then we we have the scientists to do the same the time frame they had was the towers that's quite normal for scientists and the 1st workshop on it took place in Berlin at the Lyons Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research then indicated of course after some refinements the
same protocol in use in over TAB but before just that
let's take a glimpse into what they have done it this is a common
population of DVD abstracts and that the produced by by the sciences themselves
each picture you see here are made by
by them for the very 1st time and and by the end of the day Data ready to be their videos of course it still needs needs to be investigated and how many of the scientists later use this knowledge or published media websites by themselves we
don't know the know the numbers but what we do know is that there are several video access out there which were made based on the things they learned on directional so as I said we don't want to hand
over uh here uh if
the had been really good In the
circumstances to create uh videos just let me take agreements so on again what you see on the recorded by the students who are most often respected experts from the field of science OK and and this
thing happened in Budapest so it seems that might not every movement there scientist I suppose it and
the we have really proud of uh these results and and now comes the happy and that or results suggest that scientists are clever and smart and elected and the other good at learning new things like film-making as I tend to say they can easily learn how to be a filmmaker reading 1 for a filmmaker to how to be a scientist would be a the 2 longer but that's what the user so I would hear contradict them that them the mention scientists are better at presenting their work not if we allowed them no that's what which type of communication which was sometimes it's good for them to go on camera sometimes better if they just use slides and some clever captions so there that's why they carry out and they can carry on with the workshops and for up to our knowledge this is the 1st and until now this is the only training of its kind and call constantly looking for new partners neutrinos in Europe and the overseas so thank you for your attention and I'm open to questions here so that we have understood that if you hire a professional then you can have conflicts with high higher training and what the so I suggest that you take it back this is a lot of questions about of this training up because I think it might also be really fun thinking about use I have blood type agreed definition of what officers will
your personal what you think is the main purpose of the law all the Count that but the good thing about evolution and there there is no no good and bad things in the it's just happens and is there and for me for for that reason I I I find it hard to to define why is people make you have sex so what is the purpose as I said in my talk itself phenomenon that i observe observe and I find it to be in exciting and I'm really as a as as a as you mentioned in your talk some people do it for to shoulder their own personality personalities some people really focus on the subject and sometimes it's pr sometimes it's science but the abstracts and then so that is my short question but these these think that there is an and the role for the knowledge to support the idea of this and they write an article research you write an article and that the the ratio shall say OK will help you with making the video and well the way publishers have the authors is to maintain the quality all across the writing and I'm doing this diver can water you us multiple times you're probably pissed off by how strict or or in strictly might be because they have to keep their standards and I think that goes to you abstracts as well so they have some expectations and of course you can the wait for a helping hand from their direction but it's not their job to to help you to write your article of course they they they give you some tips and hints but it's not their job and the publishers job to teach you how to write an article if you do not know how to write an article that you will not make it to the prestigious publishers platform and this goes to the videos as well so I believe that them term this has to come from the other and or you can come the solution must come from both directions maybe but not just from 1 direction from that of publishers and do you think it's the university's job on the library staff to provide students with the training for cross-media production there's there's institution that already do not as far as I know what university does and they also have studios and equipment to full production well it's and thing so uh again I can say that this is the university or the dean libraries job what I feel that that you are making huge steps forward by making this view is discoverable and I really enjoy 1 tags and keywords do not the for the complete video but for several sections of parts of it in some so much easier to define or to search later on and I think that's what libraries should really do to keep up the pace and their and uh we did with this flood of falls short scientific ideograms subscribe to several channels and the appeared wonderment nearly a minute basis so it's it's something that is coming it's here like global climate change and we have to we have to deal with it so I think about it and it's to the level of just like the training or it just like the processing of the and by the way I have a theory and the theory is that the videos are are still some because they and if you look closely you take a look then you will see that they have made their reality from uh the major body of a scientific articles so it could very quickly he has beaten or diagrams graphs pictures and the end and and slowly climbing up the the ladder by making its way into the abstract section which is a very prominent place and the endoderm and what's next my theory is that articles are going to be reused it's something that I feel that it's coming because we use a totally capable of telling the scientific message to raise the interest especially in the generation of my kids who use not will but you tube is a search engine and and then Of course I absolutely agree that a respectable scientist should not only stored and videos on you choose it must be a 2nd story a storage place and I agree that we have to find platforms reliable preference and citable platforms like like you guys and developing bonded to dozens of interviews as long as the license holder decides to upload it to to platforms thank you thank you very much