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Title Haptsha
Author TU Clausthal
Contributors Lewke,Christin(Produktion)
Publisher TU Clausthal
Release Date 2010
Language Original sound, no spoken text

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract We present a haptic workspace that allows high fidelity two-handed multi-user interactions in scenarios containing a large number of dynamically simulated rigid objects and a polygon count that is only limited by the capabilities of the graphics card. The main challenge when doing haptic rendering is the extremely high frequency that is required: While the temporal resolution of the human eye is limited to approximately 30 Hz, the bandwidth of the human tactile system is about 1000 Hz. In most haptic scenarios, the computational bottleneck remains the collision detection, whereas the force computation can be done relatively fast. Thus, the heart of our haptic workspace is our new geometric data structure, called Inner Sphere Trees (ISTs), that not only allows us to detect collisions between pairs of massive objects at haptic rates but also enables us to define a novel type of contact information that guarantees stable forces and torques. For further informations please visit our project website at http://cg.in.tu-clausthal.de


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