Charinus brasilianus (Charontidae) - Paarungsverhalten

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Charinus brasilianus (Charontidae) - Paarungsverhalten
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Charinus brasilianus (Charontidae) - Mating Behaviour
Weygoldt, Peter
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E 1862
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 102 m ; F, 9 1/2 min

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Geißelspinne. Balz: Das Männchen vibriert mit den Fühlerbeinen und zuckt rhythmisch mit dem ganzen Körper. Es dreht sich um, setzt eine Spermatophore ab, dreht sich zurück und lockt das Weibchen mit einem "Schaukeltanz". Das Weibchen geht langsam so weit vor, bis es die Spermapakete aus der Spermatophore mit der Geschlechtsöffnung aufnehmen kann. Die leere Spermatophore wird vom Männchen gefressen.
The film shows courtship and mating of the tailless whip scorpion Charinus brasilianus Weygoldt from Espirito Santo, Brazil. The male courts the female by trembling movements of one or both antenniform legs, and, alternating with this, by short and quick rocking movements towards the female. After 30 to 90 minutes the male may turn until facing away from the female several times. Finally, he deposits the spermatophore, facing away from the female. Thereafter, he turns towards the female again, and now he performs rocking movements from side to side, thereby alternatingly folding and unfolding his pedipalps and finally throwing foreward his antenniform legs against those of the female. This highly rhythmic "rocking dance" of the male is a characteristic feature of courtship of Charinus brasilianus and has not been observed in other species. When the female has picked up the sperm the male stops and eats the spermatophore.
Keywords Geißelspinne Spinne / Geißelspinne Charinus brasilianus Paarung / Amplypygi Spermatophore / Arachnida Balz / Arachnida courtship / Arachnida spermatophore / Arachnida mating / Amplypygi Charinus brasilianus tailless whip scorpion

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