International Aerospace Exhibition, ILA 2012

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International Aerospace Exhibition, ILA 2012
Interview with Johann- Dietrich Wörner, Chairman of the DLR Executive Board
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Interview with Johann-Dietrich Wörner at ILA 2012.
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a right DAR cost I don't she is
a a trip can I guess to How do not do it's down
Paris and so of course if you look to
all of these exhibition that is a question why do we what's a presenter our activities such Eli said the burning Asher and the answer is quite simple 1st of all of
course we would like to show to the public and also to experts what we are doing so to show that we
are really doing good work but the 2nd aspect is also to
have more contacts with national and international pop future
cooperation if you look To our idea last and
tear sea Berlin at show you could occur you can immediately see what we mean Miss International Park so we have
the French less media yet we have Sofia's idiot infrared
light infrared telescope together is not on our side that we have a lot of the partnership with a Russian soggy and especially with respect to Alan optics so you can directly see what the partnership means for us and therefore if we invite international guests to our both then they can see what we're
doing and that this is a very good basis for future as chairman of
the executive board a rather difficult for me to say this or that is a most most interesting aspect What we're showing here so I'm responsible for the holders a German Aerospace Center and therefore
Aeronautics Space energy and transport I
same time have the same value for me if you look boasts you can see that so we have the different areas of aeronautics and
space but we also have
something in energy it at which are especially some
insulation and we have the problem will be a very particular
example of how auto was a space information or so
far elector mobility so what
we are discussing at ease and we signed off somber mono of understanding is a corporation is not as American counterpart and and if you
consider a nap traffic management and as 1 of the most important I'm part of
no not takes its very interesting to cooperation together was not so if you just see what air-traffic management
means it's not only the flying aircraft but also the taxing on found and if you can read yours that kind of taxing by optimization by less that's a 5 to 6 minutes that would mean that the like Frankfurt you could review was see you was fuel consumption of care within by said wasn't on space so
if you ask about what disease experience what is a
tradition of cooperation between nothin that we can look on a
variety of very nice example is the last 1 was meant porosity landed on Mars I
got an e-mail from the Administrator of
another Charlie Bowden saying Germany it on my and this shows that the relationship between neither
and yet either very good and in addition if you consider Sofia the flying infrared telescope of display here that is another example where the cooperation is a long lasting bond and a very fruitful game do a
are high-tech this was the idea cost