SpaceLiner with Martin Sippel and Olga Trivailo

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SpaceLiner with Martin Sippel and Olga Trivailo
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In this video, project manager Dr. Martin Sippel and his Australian Monash University PhD candidate, Olga Trivailo from the DLR Institute of Space Systems in Bremen, introduce the SpaceLiner and answer the most important questions about this visionary and cutting edge project.
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NI around our house being big space the addition of the
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liner His best suited for intercontinental distances not for short medium distances
for example Our reference mission from Australia to Europe but it could be also from Europe for west coast of America from Europe to from East Asia
trans-Pacific flight of the very distance flights which take us today between 20 and 30 hours and conventional we saw
the lady is based a project about 7 years ago the
Iast Icelanders accelerated by rocket propulsion rocket propulsion is
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able to accelerate the base less than 10 minutes about 25 times the speed of sound the
baseline is using rocket propulsion with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellant liquid
hydrogen and liquid oxygen burns the water so exhaust space liner only what we
started a sign a project about 7 years there are several
steps we are still in a very early stage we are
working with the concurrent engineering facility a
large joint workshops engineers the interdisciplinary work of
engineers looking into all kinds of relevant technology later we will go to
a cryogenic flat here and Bremen testing you super lightweight tanks have under cryogenic conditions under sloshing behavior on the
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1 of the girls who would develop new passenger transport for the future Of the goal is finding your
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