Fischfang im Santa Cruz-Archipel (Riff-Inseln)

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Fischfang im Santa Cruz-Archipel (Riff-Inseln)
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Fishery in the Santa Cruz Archipelago (Reef Islands)
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D 1013
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Silent film
Koch, Gerd
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Film, 16 mm, 155 m ; F, 14 1/2 min

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Verschiedene Einwohner aus Tuo auf Fenualoa fischen z. T. von Booten aus. Fischfang mit Pfeil und Bogen, Zugleine und Stangennetz. Angeln mit dem Fischdrachen: Fangen von Hornhechten mit dem Spinnengewebeköder, der vom Drachen an einer Köderleine über die Meeresfläche bewegt wird.
West of the village of Tuo on Fenualoa (Ngasinue) a man shoots fish in the shallow waters of the lagoon with a bow and arrow. From the same settlement men stretch their rod nets for fishing, and move northwards and southwards along the beach of the island in order to catch the fish startled away with a towing line and some beaters in the nets held in a close semicircle. A man and his wife paddle southwards from Tuo in an outrigger canoe, across the reef and out to the sea. Here, the man flies the fishing kite, whilst the woman paddles the canoe against the wind. With the spider's web bait which is waved over the surface of the sea by a bait line hanging from the kite, garfish are caught.
Keywords Melanesier Wasserverkehr Wasserfahrzeuge Treibnetz Pfeil Paddeln Netzfischerei Fisch / Fischschießen Angelfischerei Stangennetz / Fischen Fisch / Fischfang Fisch / Fischdrachen Drachen Bogen Auslegerboot Angeln Fangen / Fische outrigger canoe fish / fish shooting net fishing watercrafts water traffic catching / fishes fish / fishing bow kite fishery paddling arrow net Melanesians

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