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The Origin of Cosmic Rays


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Title The Origin of Cosmic Rays
Author Pasquale Blasi
Publisher Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
Release Date 2008
Language English

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Subject Area Physics
Abstract Cosmic Rays reach the Earth from space with energies of up to more than 1020 eV, carrying information on the most powerful particle accelerators that Nature has been able to assemble. Understanding where and how cosmic rays originate has required almost one century of investigations, and, although the last word is not written yet, recent observations and theory seem now to fit together to provide us with a global picture of the origin of cosmic rays of unprecedented clarity. Here we will describe what we learned from recent observations of astrophysical sources (such as supernova remnants and active galaxies) and we will illustrate what these observations tell us about the physics of particle acceleration and transport. We will also discuss the


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